Global warming: How much longer

Discussion in 'Climate Change' started by Nero-Bianco, Jun 13, 2016.

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  1. Nero-Bianco

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    How much longer do you think the world will let global warming continue for? Will we ever stop and think about our actions properly? I know there are thousands of people who do appreciate the impact of our actions on global warming (myself included), but not enough is being done. Do you think it's already too late? Because I'm starting to think so...
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  2. Keith H.

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    Yes, I think it is too late. Governments are all about power & making money, not making money for the people, but making money for themselves. What their individual plans are for their families & can not say, it seems to me that they don't give a damn about anyone else, including their families. Whilst there is money to be made from cutting trees down, mining coal & oil, then nothing will be done to help the climate.
    We are already seeing the signs of climate change here where I live in New England Australia. No fruit for several years now. It is mid winter now, we have only had three frosts & I am still in my shirt sleeves!!! Can you imagine what it will be like here in 10 years time? In the Northern hemisphere it is supposed to be getting colder, normally I would prefer the cold to heat, but that depends on just how cold it is going to get. Along with this, storms are predicted. We are getting those now, although thankfully we are in a valley in a forest, so we don't get violent storms. Northern NSW & Tasmania are experiencing floods at this present time.
    I don't see anyway to turn the tide now at this late date, we knew about this 40 years ago & NOTHING was done. Climate change/global warming is here, this IS a survival situation that will only get worse.
  3. Arkane

    Arkane Master Survivalist

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    How much longer!
    Other than normal fluctuations.
    100,000 years until the next warming trend!

    Fight pollution yes but not natures normal cycles
  4. barbecueIt

    barbecueIt New Member

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    Is there a way that global warming/climate change can still be reversed? I am still hopeful for the next generation that there could be a cure or solution but then again, it is already too late.
  5. Toast

    Toast New Member

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    I don't think global warming is big enough of a deal to kill us in the near future. I think it has the potential to be a big deal, and I respect anyone who tries to do something to save our planet, but I'm not too worried. I think our top and leading scientists will be able to figure something out to save us, before it kills us. I honestly believe in the human race, and I don't think something like global warming will be what kills us off, if anything kills us off. I think if you want to, you should do what you can. Recycling, cleaning up garbage, etc. And I think we'd be better served moving to electric powered cars now, so we can rule out fossil fuel as quickly as possible. Besides that, I'm just remaining hopeful someone will figure out a solution before the inevitable doom.
  6. My3Sons_NJ

    My3Sons_NJ New Member

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    In thinking about this topic, one must consider that the current increase in temperature is due almost exclusively to natural phenomena and is not man-made or man-induced. Currently we are in a 400-year warming cycle from the little Ice Age (1400-1800 +/- 25) which followed the Medieval warm period (900-1350) which followed other cooling cycle (450-850). In addition, both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are in their cyclical warm cycles which typically last 30 years. If you are old enough, scientists used the exact same methodology in the 1970s to claim that the world would cool without end and that a new Ice Age was imminent. Given the historical and cyclical nature of Earth's climate, we should be entering a 15-20 year period of average to below temperatures throughout the globe. and it should start showing up in the Southern Hemisphere first (and it has to an extent as the polar ice around Antarctica has been above average for several years running).

    Man contributes significantly to the pollution, elimination of species and biomes on Earth but, as for climate, we have little impact overall in comparison to the sun and the natural environmental factors. Therefore, I'd probably push for an expansion of solar energy and a great reliance on natural gas which is very plentiful and very clean burning. I would be leery about using wind power in its current form as the giant turbines have basically become massive killers of birds on a grand scale.
  7. John Snort

    John Snort Well-Known Member

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    According to an article that was on a tabloid [so not something one take very seriously] cow "emissions" contribute more to global warming than anything else humans do. Sure that is hard to believe but thing is there's little that can be done to reverse climate change. Maybe if it were possible for more trees to be planted . . .

    But we aren't going back there. Land is needed to produce food and as the populations continue to grow to produce more food demands more deforestation and there'll be negative effects that will accompany it.
  8. lonewolf

    lonewolf Legendary Survivalist Staff Member

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    its the gulf stream I worry about, if global warming causes more polar ice caps to melt, all that cold fresh water coming down from the North will stop the gulf stream in its tracks, if that happens the UK will enter a new Ice Age.
  9. filmjunkie08

    filmjunkie08 Active Member

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    Climate change is simply a natural cycle. You can go back in history and find years of intense cold. How long the heat cycle will last is any one's guess.
  10. hades_leae

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    Of course not enough is being done because the government has analyst as well as average people who study these things that know the likely hood of a natural disaster happening because of us polluting the atmosphere. It's highly unlikely that anything super serious is going to happen within the next few decades.

    Governments wouldn't just allow it to happen, there are still many things that we can do to prevent big disasters from occurring, we just choose to not do anything.
  11. Corzhens

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    Honestly, I think global warming is developing and it will not stop anymore. The hotter temperature is here to stay and it will be even hotter as years pass by. It is now affecting the vegetation like the fruit trees that are fruiting when not in season and not fruiting during the season. Even the vegetables have to change the season of planting to avoid stunted growth. The first problem during global warming is not shelter but the food supply. With a bothersome climate, the farmers are having a hard time to be more productive. Just this year, countless tons of rice was destroyed by the drought which was not expected although the weather bureau had said that they had predicted that drought.

    Even with extreme action that we can do like lessening pollution, I don't think we can stop global warming. It may be too late in the game for that. Think of how we can stop vehicles from using diesel, it's quite impossible.
  12. henryb3rd

    henryb3rd New Member

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    Global warming at this moment in time can't be prevented. It can be delayef, but eventually it will happen. It has happened 100s of times during the history of the earth. Us humans have just cause the inevitable to to happen much quicker. Our efforts to slow down the process should continue, but our main focus is how the future will be able to survive when it gets too extreme for life as we know it to continue the same way it has been for millenia.
  13. AnnaBanana

    AnnaBanana New Member

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    I remember during one of the republican primaries Marco Rubio stated that it was rather egotistical (my words, not his, I am paraphrasing) to think that we as people, or as a country can truly reverse climate change in anyway. He said that even if all of America reduced entirely it's output of carbon dioxide, that it could have no effect on the issue globally. If those sayings are true, I think it really puts things into perspective. All the money wasted on summits, legislative sessions dedicated to climate change, and campaigns to inform about the dangers of the ozone layer depletion, could be put to better uses.
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