Greenhouse Effect On Temporary Shelter

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    As Mors Korchansky says, you can use metabolic heat, from doing ab crunches, etc, inside of your sleeping gear, to stay warm enough at night, especially if you're reclining in a "sling-chair", made from a hammock, suspended from a single limb/tree. Set up with the front of your SOL Escape mylar bivvy (the "breathable' kind) propped open, facing a Dakota firepit, with an aluminum foil reflector on the far side of the fire. Use the fire to heat up water, put it into condoms, put them around your kidneys, a bit to the side, so that you dont burst them when you recline. Put hot rocks between your feet. Use the blue masking tape (re-usable if you're careful) to seal the 2x8 ft of PEVA shower curtain in front of your supershelter, and to go underneath your butt and feet/legs. If you face the sun, it will be at least 30F degrees warmer at noon than it was at dawn, because of the greenhouse effect. If it's clear weather, you can' be having the fire in the pit. But you probably wont need it, either. If it's raining, foggy, heavily overcast or snowing, then the small amount of smoke from a Dakota firepit will not be noticed. Sleep from 11 am to 5 pm. The hot rocks, hot water, a hot meal in you before you turn in, fire and exercise will get you thru the night, even at sub 0F, The hot water and hot rocks will get you thru the cold morning, putting out the fire just before dawn. If you dig a third hole down to the pit, using your Cold Steel shovel, at about 30 degrees from vertical, it will gravity feed a log into the flames. A log that's 6" OD and 5 ft long will burn for several hours. If you have a taped up (to mark it) platypus bag to pee in, you wont have to emerge very often. Best have a couple sets of longjohns, polypro and wool. while moving, have the polypro next to your skin. But when you hole up, reverse that order. Have a fleece hoodie with a windproof shell, balaclava, neck gaiter, gloves, Shemaugh, and when you hole, up leave your shoes on, but unlaced. Get your feet up on a few inches of brush, off of the ground. Put your pack where it will brace your lumbar. If you've also got an SOL 2 man emergency bivvy, it's a bit more durable than the typical shirt pocket space blanket. If you stuff the area between the bivvies with soft, dry debris, it will help a lot with the cold. And in warmer weather, it can keep the sun, wind and rain off of you and your fire.
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