Greta Thunberg; Music And Emergency

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    Good morning all,

    Per ...

    The article's summary provided by the mentioned Canadian singer Tamara Linderman: We're afraid of death.

    There isn't too much new under the sun.

    Prior to Greta arriving on this planet we had:

    - It's a rainy night in Georgia
    - They call the wind Maraiya
    - We're in for stormy weather ...
    - ... a ring of fire ...
    - ... searching for you in a cold Kentucky rain ...

    Even Baez hinted that this stuff is mostly natural: How many ... mountains washed to the sea ...

    Is the article's picture of Will Oldham in a sailboat ?


    Looking at the picture of the nice young lady of Titanic Rising fame, what do we current citizens of the planet learn from the symbolism of the Titanic losing buoyancy and much human life ? The socio-political forces were in place to indicate what was pending in 1914 and after.

    We've got similar forces and Titanic symbols currently in place.

    Just blame everything on the Industrial Revolution. Not one mention of the welfare state with bloated pensions and disguised unemployment in the university systems draining away needed investment capital.........

    Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire song tells the knowledgeable more than just check if the fire extinguisher is fully charged.
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