Groups You Can Join to Help Mental and Physical Preparedness

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    There are several different groups that one may join that will help prepare the mind body and soul for survival. Local gun groups such as the NRA is a perfect start. This will teach you basic weaponry, hunting and survival skills. Also joining any group that is military affiliated is another great way to learn the necessary skills needed to survive. Utilizing social media today you can join groups on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that are focused on survival. Survival both off the grid and during times of disaster. Disaster can be natural catastrophes or acts of terrorism.
    To prepare yourself for events which many would say are destined to happen, joining these groups may be just the motivational boost of confidence you need. Those who take the time to prepare themselves are the ones most likely to survive in tough situations where others will be lost, hopeless and mentally unstable. If you are young in school, you can join groups such as the Boy Scouts or the ROTC to learn valuable skills and lessons that can be applied to general survival and life. There are also summer camps that help to teach life survival skills that are available to you as well. Whether you are young or old, there is a group out there that is right for you and there's more than one of them. Start utilizing social media to find other like-minded individuals such as yourself and finding the right group for you will be a piece of cake.
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