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  1. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

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    This is a place that is meant to be light-hearted and fun.

    If you have any fun stories concerning firearms and/ or shooting, here's the place to post.

    Rifles, shotguns, or handguns, black powder, modern cartridges ... whatever, doesn't matter.
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  2. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

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    Modern cartridges vs. simulated human torso; handgun vs. rifle cartridges:

    Flintlock vs. simulated human torso:

    British Lee enfield (FMJ) vs various materials including car doors.

    Note that this guy almost catches 2 ricochets. His friend does get hit with a bullet jacket.
    Hint, don't shoot metal nor concrete unless you are an idiot or have a death wish.

    Enfield No.4 Mk1/2 to 500yds: Practical Accuracy

    .303 at 3000 yards, using the volley sights.
    Yes, three thousand yards. Maybe not spot-on specific target, but imagine shooting into a company of enemy troops ... you AND your mates firing simultaneously at distance. Your enemy would take casualties.

    .303 vs. cinder block

    Tank vs. gun safes:
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  3. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    .223 vs .308 - Cinder Block Watermelon Test / 5.56 vs 7.62NATO

    Rifles vs. iron skillets. Note that on another vid. this fellow shot skillets with an AK 7.63x39 which resulted in a ricochet that caught him in the neck. Obviously, he wasn't killed. Note to viewer: Don't do this stupid stuff.

    AK47 VS AR15 vs. 1 gallon water jugs

    Full Auto Friday! AK-47 vs Cinder Block Wall!

    4 BORE Rifle vs Zombie Torsos (The Biggest Rifle Ever !!!)

    How Deadly are Shotguns?
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    1. TMT Tactical
      Nice video's OG.
      TMT Tactical, Jul 23, 2023
  4. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

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    When dealing with American Heartlanders, think "dealing with Northern Ireland's Troubles" ... on steroids. Most folk do NOT understand us. Or worse, they under-estimate us.

    Amerikans don't understand that with which they are dealing. We are those who never forget. We do not bend. We do not compromise. And, we are just the most fun-loving. The latter is the worst aspect, the most disturbing aspect of we who have fun. Mix Scots-Irish and East European blood ... Mix Scots-Irish with Native American ... oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fun, fun, fun. My mother's father was part Cherokee. That Sacred honor is beyond me. I knew him, yet I didn't know him. He has come to me in my holy / frightening / illuminating dreams ... with a smile on his face. The Collective Unconsciousness is a frightening place, yet a Holy place. Growing is a bloody, an unbearably painful place.

    My wife is Irish and Russian. She has green eyes. Oh what a match we've made! 45+ years and counting. Me, Scots-Irish and German. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Sehr gut, ya, ya! I like making things go POP!

    In life, a man's gotta have some fun!

    Why should killing feel good? It should. Such brings food. Such brings peace. Such is ordained by the Holy Father, the Creator. He is Wise. He brings forth. He gathers.

    Having fun:

    Sacred dance ("northern" is south of Virginia; FAR western part of North Carolina)

    Know that pain and purification are one.


    To become that which is Ordained is too painful to bear.


    We are mandated

    In our creation

    And in our Becoming.

    "Too much"

    Is expected.

    True LOVE is expected of us.
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    1. Old Geezer

      This thing is in us. Connect. Understand your ancestors.

      Old Geezer, Aug 8, 2023
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  5. lonewolf

    lonewolf Societal Collapse Survivalist. Staff Member

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    my DNA is partly English and partly Western Europe & Scandinavia so I probably have some Viking ancestry which isnt unusual in Britain.
    I have friends who served in "The Troubles", one was blown up by a roadside bomb and is now deaf, one has a metal plate in his head, the third is an alcoholic, and there are many who have similar stories, many of our ex forces are homeless and live on the streets many with mental health problems as well as physical problems from serving their country, yet the UK puts illegal migrants (that came across the channel in small boats first destroying any official papers) in 4 star hotels and bent lawyers tell them what to say to get asylum.
    there are 6,000 ex forces living on the streets but 50,000 migrants are living in hotels, does anyone think that is right? we should be looking after our own first, not illegal economic migrants.
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    1. TMT Tactical
      I agree 100 percent with you LW.
      TMT Tactical, Aug 8, 2023
  6. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    The fellow in the following video had some old shelving in his basement, so he cut up the boards to test rifle round penetration. There is no gap between the boards; indeed, he's holding together with a make-do long vise.

    The cartridges tested were: ".30-06 vs .308 vs 6.5 Creedmoor vs 5.56 vs 9 mm Penetration Thru Old Particle Board, All FMJ"

    He begins with the 9mm, then 5.56, then 6.5 Creedmoor. Increasing numbers of boards were being penetrated.

    Problems happened to him when he began testing the .308 and .30-06 cartridges. What he'd not calculated was that the latter two 30-cal. fellows have so much energy that the bullets and boards start exploding (approx. 20 boards deep). When gyroscopic stability is lost, then all bets are off. In his set-up, the .30 cal bullets come blasting out the side of the horizontal block stack. Duh!

    Still, I found this video fun to watch. Yes, it is slooooooooooowwwwwww to watch. He should have done more editing.

    The web is chocked full of penetration tests. This first video is illustrative of how bullets just sail through structures within a house. Other vids are just fun to watch. Oh, never hide behind a refrigerator of any size. Bad move. Fatal move.

    .45 Auto Colt vs. refrigerator:

    Birdshot then buckshot vs. mini-refrigerators:

    Now, a .22 LR then .223 rifle and finally a shotgun (
    birdshot and buckshot) take on a full-sized refrigerator. "Movie myth-busting"; two videos

    Cars do not stop bullets -- especially if the bullets are FMJs. There are innumerable videos online concerning bullet and buckshot penetration of vehicles. In the movies, one sees bullets bouncing off cars and trucks. Uhhhh, no this is all B.S., but then all of Hollywood is B.S. .

    In the real world, "brush buster" bullets are only mildly true. And, I do mean mildly. Even large, heavy bullets with dynamite sectional densities start going into precession when touching anything in their path. Just think about a spinning top set loose on a tabletop. Spins fine for a while in place, but touch it with a feather and it will start spinning all over the table until it falls off of the table. Doesn't take much.

    Thing about deer rifle and military bullets is that they are spinning at over 150,000 rpm. Handgun rounds are spinning at rates half or only a third of that revolutions per minute.


    The drawings I've found on precession are rather poor, because they give the impression that the bullet can return to stability. NOOOOO ... the dang bullet spins out and further out and further out until it slams into the dirt or whatever else.


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  7. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    Gotta be good for gators.

    Was just watching vids of gator hunters filling their season's tags. Had noted that many used .22 mag rifles. A mother and daughter team were using a Savage .22 mag bolt to nuke a 12-foot gator. They put over a half dozen rounds in that dinosaur before putting one in its brain.

    Here's an article I found about shooting gators. It's about ammo, but is also a thinly disguised ad for CCI ammunition:

    "Alligator Ammo"

    Begin quote:

    One of the highlights from my trip to the 143rd NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits was catching up with my friend Jacob Landry from History Channel's "Swamp People." Jacob, along with his dad, Troy, and his brother, Chase, were visiting with fans of the show at the CCI ammo booth.

    The last time I got to hang out with Jacob was during the Gamo Squirrel Master Classic. At the NRA show, we talked about something a bit bigger and more dangerous: gators. Specifically, the ammo Jacob and Troy Landry use to kill gators. I can't be the only one surprised that nearly all the gator hunters on "Swamp People" use rimfires to dispatch the toothy reptiles. But according to Troy, the .22 Mag. is the best gator "headache medicine" a swamper can get.

    "It's the perfect gun," he said. "It's strong enough, but it's not overkill. The bullet stays in the gator and doesn't pass thru to my boat."

    "Plus," added Jacob, "with as many gators as we shoot, it's affordable."

    The Landrys like the CCI Maxi Mag 40-grain JHP load for their gator work. (CCI has a Troy Landry Signature Series line that includes this load.) Alongside the boat at ranges measured in feet, the load's 300-plus foot-pounds of energy anchors alligators immediately with a shot to the brain or the spine just behind it.

    "When you're shooting a big animal, 600 or 700 pounds, with CCI it's one shot," said Troy. "I need that quick kill. My safety depends on the bullet I shoot."

    End quote


    I sure don't go gator hunting! However, I'm a lover of the .22 mag cartridge. I've several firearms chambered for this. Y'know, if a powerful rimfire gets the job done, then why go explosive with a center-fire?! You need sufficient power for the kill, but too much power = damaged edible meat. "Waste not, want not." This is something to consider in survival situations. Size of ammo storage/bugout boxes is also a consideration. I can easily get a thousand rounds of .22 mag ammo in a small military ammo can.

    Standard box of .22 mag I just got out of my desk drawer (my desk isn't a storage location, but I've got a bit, 200 or 300 rounds of this and that in here), let's see, measuring, 1.75 inch wide, by 3.4 inch long, by 1.5 inch tall = not big at all for 50 rounds. Out of a rifle, the .22 mag has over 300 of energy which is getting close to 9mm energy levels. The 9 will drive much more deeply in meat. The .22 mag gets through the initial tough layer, then simply explodes -- 40 grain bullet vs 124 gr bullet, something's gotta give. For instance, an alligator brain. The .22 mag thus does not damage the alligator hide AND bullet fragments stay inside its head, not passing through to do damage on the other side.

    Dang! Can't find a vid having the mother & daughter team who I was just watching on television. :( However, I found another family. The local women routinely hunt gators on the Gulf coast. There's a bunch of money to be made if you can get 200 or more tags from local Fish and Game departments. Counts must be kept. Somebody has to pay the salaries of the biologists. Tag sales pays the Fish and Game bills, they've a lot of work to get done, trucks, boats, fuel, ... .

    First video up, the mom has never hunted gators before:

    Over two hours of gator hunting with those who gator for family income:

    Skinning and getting the meat out a gator:

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  8. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    I was raised in East Tennessee near (less than 20 miles) where Davy Crockett was raised. Our kin are buried in the lands along the Nolichucky River. There I've said it; I'm retired, they can't fire me. I've taken unimaginable heat from University employers for being of Southern conservative cultural extraction. I've survived multiple attacks wherein university Leftist activists have tried to get me fired for not being a fellow traveler. Apparently, I don't have "correct" thoughts nor "correct" politics. I'm a problem for "the collective", I reckon.

    Tennessee is getting an old and famous company to relocate into Tenn! :):):):):):)


    The factory and facilities have been built. Now Smith & Wesson is moving-in. S & W has gotten out of communist Massachusetts and will be living in an extremely pro-Constitution area of the country / area of Tennessee. East Tennessee might as well be a separate state within Tennessee. During the first Civil War, E.Tenn seceded from Tennessee when Tenn seceded from the USA. We were very pro-Lincoln and anti-slavery (Underground Railroad supporters; hid and helped escaped slaves head up into Union states).

    Independence and Freedom requires being armed.

    "Smith & Wesson Celebrates New Tennessee Headquarters After Ditching Massachusetts"

    "Gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson celebrated the grand opening of its new headquarters in Tennessee on Saturday after leaving its longtime home in Massachusetts for the more gun-friendly state.

    "The company's new digs in Maryville, TN are approximately 650,000 square feet, as part of the company's $125 million relocation plan announced in 2021."


    "The Racist Roots of Gun Control "

    "It is universally true that would-be criminals, oppressors, and tyrants prefer their targets to be disarmed, a principle underscored by the sordid and overtly racist history of gun control in the United States. Prior to the Fourteenth Amendment, most meaningful restrictions on the private possession or use of weapons were limited to slaves and other disfavored 'non-citizens,' such as Native Americans.

    "Even after the Fourteenth Amendment’s ratification, many states implemented facially neutral gun control laws with a clear intent that they be stringently enforced in a discriminatory manner against disfavored populations like immigrants and African-Americans. "
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  9. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    Bought a cheap old shotgun yesterday (20 ga.; modified choke; small game utility). Price was just $200, can't pass that up. Have plenty of game loads for that.

    Also bought some bacon-flavored Spam. What else ... canned chili. Have LOTS of dried peppers (from our garden, hot) left over for that. Had that for lunch, so while at grocery, bought a bunch more cams (expiration date 2025). Have bags and bags of hot peppers grown in our garden. Put peppers in chili. Cleared-out my sinuses. Peppers prevent infections.

    Shot or two of whiskey / whisky (Scotch) a day can clear lungs. More that two shots does damage to the body. "Moderation in all things." Get your B vitamins from beans. Get your vit. A from squash & carrots.

    Back to guns, buy-up survival ammo. Remember pellet rifles for small game ... post SHTF, you'll thank yourself for quiet game-gathering. We have several powerful air rifles. We humans require complete proteins and vit. B12. Human Physiology / General Biology 101. Doesn't take much meat at all -- small game and fishing. At least have shotgun small bird-shot loads & fishing gear to gather small game.

    Eldest son is experimenting with .22 pellet rifle / air rifle permutations. I'm gonna let him do that. I wanted to do so myself, but am getting too old / too lazy. Me, I've learned about .177 matters long, long ago -- decades and decades and decades. Got good. Have very accurate pellet rifles -- .177 -- for quiet game-gathering. Glad that son doing .22 air rifle experimentation.

    Sing a song of sixpence,
    A pocket full of rye.
    Four and twenty blackbirds
    Baked in a pie.

    When the pie was opened,
    The birds began to sing.
    Wasn't that a dainty (or dandy) dish
    To set before the king?

    The king was in his counting house,
    Counting out his money.
    The queen was in the parlour,
    Eating bread and honey.

    The maid was in the garden,
    Hanging out the clothes,
    When down came a blackbird
    And pecked off her nose.

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  10. TMT Tactical

    TMT Tactical The Great Lizard ! Staff Member

    Blog Posts:
    I have a 22 a PCP air rifle and it is very accurate out to 50 yards. That will be my quiet small game weapon. I just purchased the PSA Dagger (pistol) in 9mm. It is the compact version with a 4" threaded barrel and night sights. This pistol will be my new EDC. Being frugal (cheap) I like trying out affordable weapons. Not all my choices have been winners. The SCCY pistol I purchased a couple of years ago was a loser. It will be relegated as a home back up weapon, for when I am not home. The SCCY has the worst trigger of any weapon I have ever shot, even after installing an after market trigger. I am hoping the Dagger will be a good choice. The Dagger was $277, out the door. I just could not pass it up.
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  11. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    I have what I need firearm-wise, but then I frequent gun shops and gun shows.


    When I find a cheap toy, I have a tendency to buy it. If some firearm has nostalgia going on plus history behind it, that makes it hard for me to pass up.
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  12. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    Do forgive, but this post isn't about fun ... especially for the State of New York.

    It's great news for the State of Georgia, however.

    "America’s Oldest Gun Maker To Shut Down New York Facility"

    "Gun manufacturer RemArms, previously known as Remington Arms, will close its manufacturing facility in Ilion, New York, next year, a decision that Republicans are blaming on Democrats’ anti-gun policies.

    "The layoffs will take place between March 4 and March 18.

    "Remington is the oldest gun maker in the United States. Founded in Ilion, New York, the company has been manufacturing firearms in the village since 1816. Several generations of families have worked at the plant.


    “ 'The loss of revenues to the entire community will have concerning effects going forward for the progress of Ilion and Herkimer County,' Vincent Bono, chairman of the Herkimer County Legislature, told the local newspaper. 'The impact of the livelihoods of over 250 employees is a serious concern to our community.'

    "In 2021, Remington announced plans to move the company’s headquarters to Georgia. The letter mentions that Remington has “found an environment in Georgia that supports and welcomes the firearms industry.”

    "Commenting on the letter, New York state Sen. Mark Walczyk, a Republican, blamed 'Albany Democrats and their failed policies' for being responsible for the closure of the facility, according to a Nov. 30 statement.

    “ 'Governors Cuomo and Hochul signed laws such as S7196-2021, the Gun Industry Liability Law, and the costly effects of the gas ban have pushed another good business out of New York State. I’ve opposed these shameful policies from the beginning and it's disheartening to see the Mohawk Valley suffer the consequences of the least friendly business climate in the nation,' he said in the statement.

    "Remington sent the letter announcing the closure of the Ilion facility to officials with the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA). Commenting on the notice, UMWA International President Cecil E. Roberts called the company’s decision 'extremely disappointing' in a statement.

    "U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) said she has spoken with local officials and Remington union members 'about how we must stand up to New York’s failed unconstitutional gun bans.'

    "Remington isn’t the only firearms manufacturer to exit New York. Gun manufacturer and retailer Dark Storm Industries stated last year that it would move to Florida from New York.

    "Dark Storm was established to produce firearms in compliance with New York’s gun regulations, the company’s communications manager, Kevin Elder, told The Epoch Times. However, 'they just keep adding on more and more restrictions and more hoops to jump through,' he said.

    “ 'We do a lot of charity work, and local law enforcement loves us. But as far as the state itself, they don’t want that kind of stuff up here,' Mr. Elder said.

    "The problems extended to disruptions from the banking and payments industry as well, he said. The company had to change banks and credit card processors, as they were denying service to firearms firms irrespective of their creditworthiness, he said."


    The better part of upstate New York State is still a part of Constitutional America. Problem is that New York State has a malignant cancer called New York City that has metastasized into the state's capital of Albany. It's a slow horrible death, this communist cancer.

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