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  1. Keith H.

    Keith H. Moderator Staff Member

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    I notice that many people automatically dismiss the idea of using a flintlock muzzle-loading gun, but aside from all the advantages of using such a gun, I will ask you this. What gun are you able to get? If your answer is I can't get a handgun (or a longarm) because I do not have a legitimate reason for owning one in regards to firearms legislation requirement, then I have to ask why you would prefer to go unarmed rather than own a flintlock?

    Some have said that they would prefer to own a bow, which is an excellent choice providing 1) it is not a compound bow, & 2) it is only used for hunting. Compound bows are NOT sustainable long term unless you have the spare parts & tools & the ability to keep it in service. A bow is not a good choice for self-defence, because there are times & places where the bow will just not be good enough for defence. In your shelter for instance, if you are attacked, just how on earth are you going to be able to bring your bow into immediate use? You can't.
    A flintlock pistol however or even a longarm can be safely loaded & ready by your side at all times. Not as good as a 9 mm Glock? Depends on the situation. A flintlock smoothbore pistol although only having one shot is faster & quicker to use at night & there is a much better chance of hitting your target with a load of swan shot than multiple loads fired from a 9 mm Glock. Yet again there is that question, where are you going to get this 9 mm Glock from? A flintlock in the hand is better than a Glock in the gun shop! Think
    about it.

    My .70 caliber smoothbore flintlock pistol, easy to carry & NO LICENCE required.

    Advantages of a Flintlock Muzzle-loader.

    1) Ammo is less expensive than a modern equivalent caliber firearm.

    2) The smoothbore is very versatile, being able to digest round ball, bird shot, & buckshot, or any combination of two of these (can also use minies).

    3) The fusil is lighter to carry than a modern equivalent sized gun.

    4) You can vary the load if needs be.

    5) The smoothbore will digest other projectiles besides lead.

    6) Lead can be retrieved from downed game & remoulded with a simple mould & lead ladle. This means that you can carry less lead, & more of the lighter gunpowder.

    7) You can make your own gunpowder.

    8) You can use the lock to make fire without the need for gunpowder.

    9) You can use gunpowder for gunpowder tinder fire lighting if needs be.

    10) IF the lock should malfunction (these are very robust & it is not likely) you can easily repair it if you are carrying a few spare springs & a few simple tools.

    11)If you do not have any spare parts & the lock malfunctions, you can easily convert it to a tinderlock or matchlock & continue using it.

    12) You do not need a reloader, brass shells, caps, or primers. The latter have been known to break down in damp conditions or if they are stored for too long.

    13) Wadding for ball or shot is available from natural plant materials or homemade leather or rawhide.

    14) Less chance of being affected by future ammunition control legislation.

    15) Gunpowder is easily obtainable providing you have a muzzle-loader registered in your name regardless of caliber (only NSW is looking at this legislation at present).

    16) A .32 caliber flintlock rifle is more powerful than a .22 rimfire, less expensive to feed, more accurate over a greater distance, able to take small & medium sized game, & other than not being able to use shot (unless it is smoothbore), it has all the attributes of the other flintlocks.

    17) Damage from a .62 caliber-.75 caliber pistol or long arm is in the extreme. Wounded prey is unlikely to escape.

    18) By using buck & ball you are unlikely to miss your target. This load is capable of taking out more than one target.

    19) There is less kick-back to a muzzle-loading gun.

    20) Antique Flintlock muzzle-loading guns do not require a license, registration, or a permit to purchase in NSW Australia.

    My smoothbore flintlock fusil, light & easy to use.
  2. Arkane

    Arkane Master Survivalist

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    I can get a shotty now or a rifle!
    Genuine reason "Target Shooting"
    No problems!

    I dare say with respect to the law any restrictions that limit the above will include restrictions on muzzle loaders and a few adjustments to the wording and muzzle loaders can suffer the same fate! Same as bow's!

    Advantages of a modern .22lr rifle

    .22lr Rifle with care and cleaning mean rounds between rifle failures 60,000+ rds
    300rds per kg approx!
    useable range 12om
    ideal range 25-75m
    Scopes fittable plus open sights
    1moa accuracy
    10rd mags
    No smoke
    can fire hundreds of shots between cleaning
    No playing with powder and ball/shot
    Made from modern metal and machinery

    Not as romantic
    Not as smelly
    No puff of smoke
    Less skill required
  3. ally79

    ally79 Member

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    Current disadvantage to a .22 though is spotty availability of ammunition, at least in my area. My husband and I are actually considering a muzzle loader because it would be awesome in a SHTF situation and you can go hunting a month earlier here with primitive weapons than you can with a rifle.
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  4. Keith H.

    Keith H. Moderator Staff Member

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    The .22 is good for small game, & I know some people praise its ability to drop larger game, but in my experience the .22 LR has its limitations, & no one likes losing wounded game.
  5. Tom Williams

    Tom Williams Moderator Staff Member

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    The list of guns are endless the basic one i would recomend for use in suvival would be a single shot break open 12g shotgun with a 3in chamber with this and the wide range of loads you can have one weapon do many jobs a fair used one can be found for 100 bucks most anytime you stop at a gun shop
  6. Tom Williams

    Tom Williams Moderator Staff Member

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    For the ladies i say the same shotgun only in 20g with a 3in chamber we here have ten 12g and five 20g shotguns of this type for our use
  7. Arkane

    Arkane Master Survivalist

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    I have three identical 12g single break opens with exposed hammer and no manual safety!
    each has a sling torch and laser very handy!

    I have had to reinforce the floor under my ammo box! I won't be running out anytime at all!
  8. CivilDefense

    CivilDefense Expert Member

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    From a gun shop, sporting goods store, pawn shop, hardware store, etc. in pretty much any community in this country. With a few c-notes and a clean criminal record and you can walk out with a Glock within minutes. In most states, private sale between two parties is also completely legal too. Magazines, parts, sights, and ammo can all be bought directly off the web.
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