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  1. acheno84

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    Has anyone seen the prototype for the hammock tent? The ones that you can actually hang in a tree? I wonder how beneficial they would be. I can imagine that they would light weight, but if you're planning to hang, then you would also need to get the tree hooks and what not. I happened to see an advertisement for this recently and figured if anyone would know about them, it would be you guys :)
  2. OursIsTheFury

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    Yes, it's a great idea. That way, you can sleep at night without worrying about wolves or bears approaching your tent and thrashing your camp, or worse. Setting camp up on the treetops would be a great way to deal with the wildlife, as most predators really can't climb pretty high on trees, if not at all. I think they should make this a staple at camping, but you would also need a pretty good skill in climbing trees to be able to make the test idea effective.
  3. Tom Williams

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    As a marine in nam i was givein a canvas hammock tent in 68 i still have this same tent sturdy well made. It is a great shelter. Low to the ground or up in a tree that tent works fantastic they make these still and i would tell you to find and use one if its a heavy cabvas made one. New lightweight ones dont hold up
  4. joshposh

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    I had found a bunch of videos on the subject. But it is doable for those that don't want to sleep on the ground. I never had a big problem with sleeping on the ground, lucky me. I know others have problems with bugs and possible animal attacks. For a few more dollars getting a tent that can get you off the ground would be beneficial.
  5. QtheMyst

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    I love this idea and I really want one! I am very comfortable sleeping in hammocks and have used these for camping quite a bit. But, I am one of those people that bugs absolutely love to bite. I'd love something like this with more protection from those nasty critters!
  6. Woodsbum

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    First one I ever saw was made by New Tribe. Looked pretty rugged. I had a work saddle made by them for tree work. Very durable if a bit bulky.
  7. Old Geezer

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