Has Anyone "Seen" The Approaching Death-like Situation?

Discussion in 'Survival Stories' started by jeannie, May 30, 2016.

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  1. jeannie

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    Friends, I have almost sensed that death had come within almost 40-50 feet of me, and at almost 100 Kms/hour speed! It happened like this:

    My school was about 30~40 minutes walking distance away from my home. In between my home and school, there was a 4-track railway route. The first two lines were for the slower ones, and the last two tracks were for the fast trains. If you cross the tracks, then you're able to reach the school in just 5-6 minutes.

    So, one day I went that way, and as a train was moving across the second (slow) track, I waited on the empty 1st track, waiting to let the train pass through. As soon as the last compartment of the train cleared from my way, I hurriedly crossed the second track, and came right in the middle of the third track....

    At that moment I heard a very loud train whistle. My mind noticed that it was coming from unusually short distance, and I turned my head towards my right...

    I saw the train almost at about 50 feet away and closing on me fast. I think I even saw the horror on the drivers face from the glass of his cabin. I was almost filled with equal terror, lol, and seemed to have been paralyzed, right between the track, in the middle of it, and I was perplexed at seeing an approaching train which would almost hit me in about five seconds or so. Then suddenly I jumped forward, right away from the track, and about two-three feet away from it -- as if some invisible leg had powerfully kicked me out of that track! I sat/squatted down as the train passed me at tremendous speed...

    Even at that time, I wondered who or what saved me from getting hit and blown away a mile! Even today, I remember the whole event, and still remember the horror in the eyes of that train's driver! On that fateful day, God had saved not one life - mine, but had also saved the driver's life long agony of the devastating feeling of a child being hit by his train that was under his command, regardless of whose fault it was -- it was entirely my fault of course.

    As I remembered that event now, I sent a heartfelt prayer to him, wherever he is at this moment. Well, he could be a very old man, may be in his 90s, and still a very worried and fearful old man may be from remembering that incident, and could be telling his great grandchildren about that incident right at this moment! God bless him with all the peace in this world! :D
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  2. Destiny

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    Wow! That does sound that a scary situation. Did you know that it's actually illegal to walk on train tracks now, I'm sure because of things like this were the person wasn't a lucky as you.
  3. remnant

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    I can remember several instances I have survived by a whisker. I was working in a quarry, mining stones when the soil above us rapidly collapsed and almost enveloped us. The rumbling thud of the falling soil rings in my ears even today. At another time, a huge, old tree trunk almost crushed me. I had just changed position when it rolled to the position I had left moments ago.
  4. lonewolf

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    I nearly drowned when I was 12, in a swimming pool of all places-well it was the deep end!
    had a few traffic accidents and a close shave with a chain saw, but they were all a few years ago now, i'm a little bit more careful these days.
  5. remnant

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    I remember when I was almost ran over by an earthmover. I was standing by the roadside when the huge machine reversed. I was absent minded as usual and was it not for some people who shouted to alert me, it would have ran over me. Nowadays I have learnt to have prescence of mind and I treat even a stationary car to be about to reverse as many won't to do without hooting to warn anybody around first.
  6. iseeyou

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    That's so terrifying! I too had a near death experience when i was little, i almost drowned, thank god my brother pulled me out of the water, it was scary! And for some reason, i can still play out that entire experience vividly in my head even after all these years which is so weird i think. This is one experience i want to forget completely and pretend it never happened but to no avail. Lol.
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