Have you tested out your plan?

Discussion in 'General Q&A' started by crmeche2, Jun 17, 2016.

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  1. crmeche2

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    I was wondering how many of you test out your plan once you've created one? It's one thing to create a survival plan. It's a completely different ball game to make sure that it's viable. Do any of you do scenarios or drills? I know that I want to be totally prepared and not have my plan run amok because I didn't test it out.
  2. Keith H.

    Keith H. Moderator Staff Member

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    Can't say as though we practice our plans, but we do go on historical treks & we do practice the primitive skills. We have had experience with raiders & intruders, so nothing new there. We are I think as prepared as we can be at this stage.
  3. remnant

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    Most survival plans are easy to execute and you don't need to necessarily test them. The hard part is the planning aspect which can fail to factor in unforeseeable circumstances like changing weather patterns or hitherto unforeseen security threats. My take is that the actual implementation of the plan is intrinsically an aspect of testing in preparation for future expeditions. In this case, the more exposure one gets, the better their survival plans become finetuned.
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  4. John Snort

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    I've never tested my plans but I don't think executing them would be that hard. I've been in emergency situations before. Different ones and one thing I learned was never to panic. If you don't lose your equanimity you'll be fine but no matter how prepared you are should you panic then that drastically reduces you chances of surviving.
  5. Valerie

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    I've never tested out my plans, because most of them can only take place in the event of a disaster. I mean, I do occasionally go over the "what-ifs" in my mind when I'm checked my medicine cabinet and upgrading my first aid supplies or rotating my saved up food, but that's about as far as I get. Better than nothing, I suppose lol.
  6. lonewolf

    lonewolf Legendary Survivalist Staff Member

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    tested it? heck I've lived it.
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