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    In survival situations whether it is a city or country environment, there are some things that you might not think of that will come in handy. One of those things is having a good supply of medicines on hand. Medicine is not going to be easily available to you at the store like it is today should there be a natural disaster or other life-threatening emergency situation.

    Store shelves will be looted quickly should something like this occur. Also, if you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere nine times out of 10, there's not going to be a store for you to go to get medicine from. This is where medicinal plants and knowing herbs will come in quite handy. One of the first plants that I would recommend anybody to grow is cannabis. Cannabis is a multi-use medication that can help with everything from cramps and headaches to more serious conditions.

    Next, it is a great idea to have aloe on hand. Aloe is something that helps with minor cuts, scrapes, scratches, insect bites, and other things. There are other plants that you can grow for many different reasons. Things such as eucalyptus will help to repel mosquitoes and biting insects from where they are grown. Also, you can grow tobacco that can be used medicinally as well. Tobacco makes a great extractor of poison when it comes to insect bites such as bee stings or ant bites to help remove the poisonous pus that causes swelling.
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    The first thing that comes to my mind with the mention of healing plants is the guava. It is a tropical plant though so those in the cold climate lands may not know it. The leaves of the guava is a coagulant which is a very effective treatment for wounds especially bleeding wounds. In fact, whenever there is an accident at home like a knife cut on the finger, we would pick 1 or 2 young leaves of the guava and chew it. The mashed leaves will be pressed on the cut and surely the bleeding will stop. The guava leaves are so beneficial in times of emergencies.

    PS. Last week, our housemaid was cut in the leg by a sharp object when she was arranging the scraps in the backyard. The bleeding was kind of profuse and she looked pale, obviously scared. When I instructed her to chew the guava leaves, she was overjoyed when the bleeding was immediately stopped by the green mash that she had chewed.
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    I am a herbal girl. I try to practice natural remedies for everything. I only use natural ingredients for my everyday hygiene use. I learned that aloe was excellent for healing when I burned my leg and my aunt had an aloe plant. When she applied the aloe, the burning stopped almost instantly. The burn healed so well.
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    I have about 100 aloe plants that are growing around my house. They are great for all types of burns. I have also started to learn about different ways to ingest the aloe, although the taste can be a little off-putting at times. It's been great though for dry, cracked, injured skin. My lawn care company has offered countless times to dispose of them but I refuse to let him. I have been stabbed by them though, so it's best to watch the thorns. Just because they help heal, doesn't mean that they can't hurt you at the same time!
  5. BeautifullyBree

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    The plants you have are definitely healing. I would chose to keep them in my cabinets post apocalypse. Aloe vera plants are the most relief for sunburns I've ever had. I love the fact that its natural, and I don't have to use anything unnatural.
  6. Vinaya

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    If we know the healing properties of plants, we will nor risk our life in survival situation. Furthermore, we can also use plants to heal ourselves in normal situation. This not only saves money, but also saves the body from chemical induced medicines. We must also know whether certain plants are edible or not. We must understand whether we use the plant internally or externally. We must know what parts of plants have medicinal properties. Knowledge on healing properties of plants saves us all the time.
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    Just like @Corzhens, guava has also been a popular healing fruit for me ever since I was a child. This plant is almost readily available anywhere here in my area and whenever someone suffers a cut or a wound, guava has been the plant of choice when there's no medicine readily available. One just has to clean the leaves very well then crush apply the crushed leaves on the wound. It has been an effective tool for old folks and until now they still make use of the plant for wounds.
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    My country were blessed to have many kinds of healing plants to cure from cuts to bruises. We are also abundant in aloe vera and guava tree. We have a moringa plant that the leaves can be squeeze and right away can stop the bleeding too!
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    One of such plants that readily comes to my mind is dogunyaro plant. It a great plant to consider when it comes to medication for fiver. When preparing it for fiver it leaves are harvested and squeezed to extract its juice, which has a very bitter taste.
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