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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by Mike Quam, Jan 16, 2017.

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    Hi, my name Mike, and I'm CEO of I've been Prepping for only about 5 years..
    With limited resources available to me to spend on "Prepping", I started a business online that sells Emergency Preparedness gear. We sell stuff like Freeze-Dried Food Meal Kits, Bug-Oug Bag Kits, Berkey Water Filtration Equipment, Off-The-Grid living gear like BaddAss Solar Generator's..ect.ect..
    This was MY Question/Answer/Solution to Prepping on a limited budget. Start a company, gut my Biz #EIN & #UBI, and start applying for BUSINESS WHOLESALE ACCOUNTS with every Manufacturer of Survival Food & Gear I could find. A simple solution to buy all the prepping stuff I personally wanted for myself, cheaper than anyone else with a limited budget! HA! (I called it "Creative Urban Prepping Skills") ....Today, I'm not only Prepping well, I'm also an Employer, and I enjoy helping other's to prep as cheaply and creatively as possible.
    I thought I'd join this Forum to check out what others are doing...I was hoping to find some threds from Arizona Preppers to sort of get a feel of any local "Survivalist Events" or popular Bugging-Out Practice Camping Activities or Preppers Groups that meet up once a month, or whatever.
    Anyway, thanks for having me aboard!
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