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  1. Daniel Sylvester

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    Hello everyone. it's obvious everyone is here for the same reason, what I don't understand is why people aren't coming together? you can rent to own 5-10 acres of land many places across the US for cheap $2000-$15000. Small down payments. landwatch is a great website for finding land. it's simple really, bring a group together, rent the land, set up your gardens and temporary living quarters, grow fast growing vegetables 30-60 days, go to nearest town, set up a little vegetable stand and boom you can make money to pay your land rent and supplies. If this interests anyone let me know as I am planning on buying 10 acres in Utah in a couple months. I plan on setting up a homesteading camp for people who wanna live off the grid but also be somewhat close to society. it has been my dream and I am financially close to making it happen, all I really need is people lol.
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  2. Keith H.

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    Because rarely is it as easy as that. Buying or renting with other people is a dodgy business, not because of the post shtf dangers, but because you can not be sure that other people will (A) continue to help pay, (B) will continue to help with the work. Communities like these in the past have been fraught with such problems & it can be difficult to evict people once they have become established. Take care in this venture!
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    I like your cheap land idea, Daniel. Thanks for the tip. Looking into it.
  4. omegaman

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    Welcome and good luck from northern sweden
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