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  1. Darrell

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    Looking for herbalist remedies and medicines from people who have experimented with them first hand.
  2. Bruce

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    Search essential oils types and uses and other natural remedies and piles of information will come up.
  3. cmoneyspinner

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    My late mother believed in cerasee, It grew in the backyard of my childhood home. It seemed she believed you could take it for everything. She always brewed it like a tea and drank it. In her defense, she did get better after drinking it.

    My theory was that the drink tastes so awful, whatever it was inside of her that was causing the ailment, ran away! I was so sure she made it up because she didn't like to go to doctors or take us to doctors. Only to grow up and find that people from the islands have always used cerasee.


  4. poltiregist

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    Hospitals and clinics may see massive closings before next spring . This may make medicines and especially doctor prescribed medicines unattainable . In case you guys missed my post on another thread ,Rhode Island is now decreeing all nurses and doctors practicing their profession in Rhode Island to have proof they had their bodies altered with the experimental vaccine or they will have their license revoked . Furthermore all hospitals and clinics will have their license revoked if they allow a unvaccinated personnel into their facility. This is just the first state to succumb to the pressure from the Biden / Harris regime . Other states if not all the states will likely soon do the same . -- I recently received a book on making medicines with locally growing plants . I am just a novice in this arena . However I now have a jar of dried medicinal herbs that picked in the wild . Reading my book was impressed with all the medicines that can be made by simply knowing the plants in your area . There is medicines from mental problems to treating infections and snake bites . -- For novices like me I highly recommend having a book on making medicine from wild plants . The sap will soon be leaving many plants and taking with it medicinal opportunities . Remember access to doctors may be a no go by the time the sap returns to plants next spring .
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  5. lonewolf

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    all modern medicines are based on nature, natural remedies were all we had at one time and post collapse they will be required knowledge when all the hospitals are not functioning and medicines are no longer available.
    a herbal or natural remedy book should be in every preppers library.
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