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    I was always worried about a catostrophic event and I must say I was woefully prepared when this hit. Even Alex Jones was saying a few months ago that the Cornoa Virus would be a big issue.

    I do fear that we might see another wave of virus, if in fact nefarious actors are using fear as a means to get a stranglehold on humanity.

    I have a wife and two small children that makes all that much harder to bear. How will I protect them? What sort of life will they live?

    Im just looking through the forums so I can get an idea on how to properply prepare if things continue to further erode. Unfortunately, I lack a means to defend myself. I really wish I had gotten myself a firearm but it looks like that window may have passed.
  2. TMT Tactical

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    Warm Welcome from the Arizona valley folks. USA

    The window is still open, just do some research.
  3. Wags

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    Lots of ways to defend yourself until you get yourself get a firearm. Even with a firearm you`ll want to practice The Gray Man Method. As they say we are nine meals away from anarchy. Food, water shelter security are your priorities. If things do hit the fan you want to keep a low profile during the initial lawless so that you are not a target. I live in a large city and so my plan is to bug in and stay put to see how things shake out in the first few weeks. after that who knows.

    I agree with you that bad actors are capitalizing on this crisis. I also wouldn`t be surprised if we experience state sponsored cyber attacks to further disrupt life and cause further panic in an already panicked crowd.

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    Welcome to the website! A lot of great information here and a good community that will point you in the right direction.
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    Welcome from Missouri. Good to have you with us.
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