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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by Blacky, Sep 3, 2017.

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  1. Blacky

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    Hi, my name is Thomas aka "Blacky". Im German but I live for 18 years in Poland. Pse excuse my English - i speak better than I weite.

    I'm interested in survival since 1981 and I know some skills. I'm a low level survialist with no weapons, no hunting, no fishing - just because you need exams for having a license. I hate exams.

    I found this forum via facebook and I think it could be nice for some exchange.
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  2. Keith H.

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    Good day Blacky & welcome to this forum. If you are still living in Poland & want to own a firearm, may I suggest you get yourself a flintlock for long term wilderness survival/living.
    Blackpowder not integrated cartridge guns, if manufactured before 1885, and their replicas also multiple shot revolvers (separable loading only) are available without any restrictions (Owner must to be over 18). They are also permitted to be owned, used, and carried (You name it) loaded without any permits. Curiously though, the purchase of the blackpowder requires registration.
    If you find this is not the case, please let me know. This information was taken from a Polish site.
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  3. omegaman

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    Godtentag Thomas unt willkommen!

    I'm Swedish, Gotlandic even. Enjoy your stay
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  4. Spicysweetie21

    Spicysweetie21 New Member

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    Hello from the sunny side of USA :)
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