Home Invasion Movie.

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    Was this movie written like this so they could get the outcome that they wanted? Or are people really this stupid?
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    It is impossible for movie-makers to get right that which they cannot understand.

    Spoiled Westerners have absolutely no clue as to the nature of savage people of any race or any continent or any culture. Weak people are not rational and they are often simply stupid. When they get raped and/or robbed, they go numb, become mentally unbalanced, or engage in Stockholm-effect behaviors, such as when women begin corresponding with the men in prison who raped them (should the rapist actually be convicted -- which is rather rare).

    Many humans are not human. The entertainment industry is dominated by Leftists and these folk can not or will not portray the evil realities of human nature. To do so would harm their irrational dogmas about crime being caused by poverty or oppression. Again, some "humans" cannot be fixed and must be imprisoned or killed lest they engage in savagery that would even make Satan sick to his stomach.

    I once had a job in a fairly large city. I lived out in a small town and drove into work. While in that area, I kept up with crime reports (lots of murders of course). Inner city gang members would pack-up in 4-door sedans and drive out into the suburbs. There they would target people getting cash out of ATMs. They would follow such people back to their homes. The gang members especially target females. When the females come home to a place that is upper middle class and not readily visible to their neighbors, the gang-bangers follow them into their house and attack.

    While I lived in that area, a couple of home invasion stories stuck in my mind. A mother and a daughter were gang raped and the mother was taken back out to get more cash from ATMs. When back, the women were further raped and beaten up. Items were taken from the house, but the attackers did leave without killing the females (who were hospitalized). Another mother and daughter were not so "lucky" when their home was invaded by a crew of inner city gang members. These two women were raped / beaten to death. Women can be raped so violently that they bleed to death internally and or externally. The violence of such attacks cannot be imagined.
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