How Climate Change Will Effect Wildlife

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    Climate change will greatly affect wildlife and can cause a drastic effect to occur on their natural instincts. Due to climate change effects such as droughts, heat waves thawing out polar regions, and extreme flooding animals that normally are not aggressive may become so. This aggressive behavior and potential for attack will be stemmed by a lot of things. Mainly hunger will be the main contributing factor to the erratic behavior of wildlife due to climate change. Animals such as the polar bear who has been predominantly a land hunter but also is known to take to the oceans to find food is now becoming readily known as the aquatic bear because of the devastating environmental conditions that are affecting the Arctic regions and where this animal lives. Deforestation will start to push wild animals into the city where they are scared easily. When a wild animal is scared much like you or I, they will go into a self-defense kind of mode. When in this mode animals are more likely to attack someone than when they are just naturally going about unbothered in their habitat. Climate change effects everything on all scales. From our food and way of thinking all the way down the line to how animals go about their day-to-day lives. Without the complexity of thought that human beings are capable of animals will tend to do some wildly insane things.
    Wild cats, dogs, bears, and other animals can become increasingly aggressive during an unstable climate. With droughts starting to occur in more places than ever before in recorded history animals are also running out of one of the most natural precious resources on the planet, and that is clean, fresh drinking water. When our animals start to drink contaminated disease water, they will also become infectious, and this can lead to a multitude of problems that will eventually affect humanity as a whole. Climate change in certain instances can be used to your advantage, however. If you are in a survival situation hunting and trapping maybe come a bit easier but at the same time, it may be also a bit more dangerous. Animals will be more likely to jump on the chance for a meal in your trap, but this also means you could become their potential meal. Stay vigilant and always up to date from what the environment around you is doing and you will be better prepared for circumstances.
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