How easy is it to find and catch crawdads

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    Crawdads are supposed to be a good source of protein. The question is how easy is it to find crawdads in the wilderness, if these could be found then energy could be saved from trying to hunt large land animals. If I had to eat meat in a survival survival situation I'd rather it be fish or some type of crab. Has any one ever caught crawdads before? I heard this are really tasty too.
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    As a little girl, my brother and I would catch crawdads with a tiny bit of bacon on the end of a string. However, that was fishing in a small pond. If you live near a larger body of water, hopefully dark muddy water, you might try using a net at the bottom of the body of water.
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    Crawdads are indeed a good source of protein, and can easily be caught. The best places to catch crawdads in my opinion, are shallow, rocky streams and creeks that don't have a strong water flow. They can be caught with a net or cloth, and even by hand. The way to do this is to insert your hand slowly into the water behind the crawdad, being very careful not to startle it, as it could get away. Patients is key, the slower you move your hand through the water, the more unaware the crawdad will be. Once your pointer finger and thumb are close behind the elbows of the crawdad, you can grab it, be careful of their claws for they can pinch you, but not while you have your fingers behind it's elbows. It may not be to harmful or painful, but a pinch is still a pinch. Also, the burrows of bigger crawdads are quite noticeable along the water lines of these shallow streams. Where ever the dirt is soft or muddy, they can burrow, and catching them becomes easy, just get them to pinch a small stick, then drag them out. And lunch is served. Their burrows look like little muddy holes alongside creeks.

    I hope you find this information helpful, best of luck!

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