How Importance Is Ppe In Your Safety?

Discussion in 'Safety' started by sakakimakio, Jul 12, 2017.

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  1. sakakimakio

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    How well do you expect from your personal protective equipment, (PPE)? Would you consider changing them on frequently basis or you just use it over and over again? As far as I concern, PPE conributing little percentage of risk to ownself. Others feel like there were 100% safe from any risk when they wearing it. In survival situation, how importance the needs of PPE in your life?
  2. Keith H.

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    Would you like to be more explicit & explain in layman terms what PPE is please so everyone can understand. Over here it is illegal.
  3. sakakimakio

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    Sorry for being too simple, Personal Protective Equipment, PPE in short, were equipment to protect yourself from risks and danger from doing works. For example, if you were on mountain climbing, harnessess is a must for those who value their life but in terms of survival, in worst case scenario, you just climb it as your mind focus solely on getting up there without thinking second thought.

    Around us we expose to many hazards such as air pollution, noise, etc. How do you rate these hazards and what importance of wearing the right personal protective equipment (PPE)?

    ps: would that do it? ;)
  4. Ystranc

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    All safety equipment has an expiry date and comes with information about how much protection it affords and instructions about when you should replace them.
    There are usually permanent labels or instructions inside the protective garment.
    Plastic impact helmets should be replaced periodically according to a circular date stamp inside them or after any heavy impact. Climbing safety ropes need to be replaced or downgraded to none critical uses after a severe shock (overextension) as the core may have invisible damage. Kevlar degrades over time or with exposure to light or chemicals.
    The list just goes on and it's all bloody expensive.
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