How Many Pounds Of Equipment Do You Carry?

Discussion in 'Wilderness' started by Toast, Jun 22, 2016.

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  1. Toast

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    How many pounds of equipment do you carry, if you're out in the wilderness? I think that you can easily get up to 45-50 pounds if you're trying to take everything you need. Do you take weapons? Are they heavy or light? I think a bow and quiver could be one of the more efficient ones to carry with you, and not too heavy either. I think finding a balance between what you need, and what you can do without is probably the most important thing here.
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  2. Keith H.

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    My knapsack weighs 9 kg. Shot pouch 1 kg. Belt bag does not register on the scales. Long gun 3 kg. However, with this I can survive in the wilderness for the rest of my life.
  3. Corzhens

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    I have no experience in hunting but I had been with some people to the mountain. And although it was not a hunting trip, our cargo were carried by the locals. It's too difficult to walk in pathways especially when the terrain is up and down. The most I can carry in that occasion is perhaps 10 pound at the most, that's less than 5 kilos. And I couldn't hike for long with that cargo, I would be needing a rest once in a while. I saw some guys carrying half a sack of rice on our way back - the rice was a gift from the family friend residing in the mountain. There were also some baskets of vegetables and fruits. I wonder how we could manage to bring all those if there were no local who assisted us in carrying the said cargo.
  4. Endure

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    Backpack weight should not be so heavy to avoid putting your back under any strain. Otherwise, you are asking for slipped disc from your vertebrae.
  5. joshposh

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    That's all you really need to survive. If anything the weight of knowledge that you have is what will make or break you in the wild. Nevermind the GPS devices and ultra perfect water purification devices. 300 years ago most wonderer's didn't have bug out bags. Just simple items to get by and skills to carry them through.
  6. sarky

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    My full kit is 65 pounds with 3 liters of water on board. That being said, the way my kit is set up, I have 2 packs (Kifaru Navigator and E&E) The Navigator is my base base pack which the E&E docks and locks to. The E&E contains all my survival gear (about 20 pounds worth with 10 days of freeze dried food) . The idea here is that I hike into my survival area, drop the Navigator and set up camp from it, then do my foraging with my E&E pack.
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