How Much is Needed to Stay Alive

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    Water is a very precious resource that many people take for granted. Having access to clean drinking water today is something many people have become accustom to. This is, in fact, a luxury. When it comes to finding water in an emergency situation or survival situation, it is a matter of life or death. There is no luxury with this precious resource. The body requires water to stay alive.

    In order to avoid dehydration in temperatures above 38 degrees Celsius, it is recommended that you consume one liter of water every hour. If your temperatures are below 38 degrees Celsius, you can get by with half that amount. The human body is a very delicate machine. Dehydration can happen if the body temperature reaches an average of 68 degrees higher than the normal 98.6 degrees body temperature for an extended amount of time. This dangerous situation can also lead to death.

    Making sure that you know how much water you need is important. Remember if you think you are thirsty that means that you are already starting to become dehydrated. It is important to find clean, fresh drinking water. At home, it is always a great idea to have several gallons of drinking water on hand for every person in your house as well as several gallons of water to be used for hygiene purposes. This will help to make any situation a safer and more comfortable one.
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    normal advise in the mild climate of the UK is a minimum of 2.5 litres /half a gallon per person per day.
    I would tend to err on the side of caution and store 5litres/1gallon per person per day.
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