How Some Venezuelans Get Drinking Water

Discussion in 'Finding, Purifying, and Storing Water' started by Pragmatist, Jun 26, 2020.

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    VZ is a prime example of the future of America, once the liberal/socialist/ democrats get back into power. VZ -- Phase 1) Collect all the firearms. phase 2) nationalize the companies. Phase 3) Print money faster than people can spend it --- Hyper inflation. Phase 4) Ban protest - use military, police and selected gangs (still armed) to enforce party rule. Phase 5) the elite live as normal but the people starve, get raped, die from lack of medical care and the list goes on. For the preppers, invest the time to learn what life will be like in the future. The three essentials Food, Shelter and WATER. If you rely on the government for any of these items, you are just a future slave. NOTE: We ain't got no Red Sea for Moses to part.
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    I agree TMT Tactical -we are actually fortunate in being able to predict the future by looking at Venezuela . That is how I knew to stock up on toilet paper years before it became a shortage in the U.S. . Some may want to deny that is their future but as a prepper / survivalist I prepare for it to be the future of the U.S. . The Republicans may hold control of my nation for decades to come but if the Democrats ever get their chance we will descend into that as described above even faster than Venezuela descended . --- Some countries have already disarmed their citizens and are well on their way to a Venezuela lifestyle . Some no doubt only prepare for their own survival and figure they will be dead before it gets that bad . I have seen where some keep a bug out bag handy so they can grab it run out the door and abandon their family to starvation and perhaps murder and rape . --=- Personally I think anyone that would run out on their family like that is worse than dog crap . Me I prepare for myself but my primary preparation objective is preparing for my kids and grandkids . It appears I look farther into the future and prepare accordingly to what I see coming , than some .
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    just think at one time Venezuela had the 3rd highest standard of living in the world. Then the liberals took control and now it is a shit hole, they foul up everything they touch.
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