How to Adapt to Climate Change

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    Climate change is one of the conditions that is affecting everybody around the globe. Conditions are becoming virtually unpredictable in some locations. Hot weather followed by extremely cold weather followed by drought combined with floods has been wreaking havoc across the globe as of lately in the news. Knowing how to adapt to climate change can help you in any survival situation. If you are not used to hotweather, it can become very difficult for you to breathe or function. Should your temperatures change on you and become warmer than you are used to knowing ways to cool yourself down and how to pace yourself in the heat can make the difference between life or death.
    When outside and the temperatures start to reach 90 and 100 degrees the heat index can cause you to have a heat stroke before you know it. Keeping yourself hydrated is a must in the hot weather. You will consume more water because your body sweats more. It is important to maintain a good fresh water supply. In cold weather, your body will require more calories to stay warmer. This is where having a good food source stored or the knowledge to obtain food by hunting and trapping becomes vitally important to your survival. Having the proper equipment and gear to function efficiently in a multitude of environments will also give you the benefit of a piece of mind. Gear for snow, rain, heat, day and night will give you the optimum choices for your survival needs and goals. When you plan ahead and prepare yourself, you are more likely to maintain your composure in a crisis.
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