How to Build Simple Pens for Your Animals

Discussion in 'Animal Husbandry' started by ColoradoHippie, Apr 28, 2016.

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    When it comes to starting out a small farm or just raising animals in a survival situation, you will need to learn to build areas to help contain your animals. Providing your animals with the enclosure or pen is oftentimes not just a convenient way to keep them together it is also a necessity in keeping them safe. There are times when you don't even need to build an enclosed structure such as a barn to give your animals a place to get out of harsh weather.
    A simple barn can be built rather easily. This structure is just four walls and a roof. You want to make sure that it is a stable one, but it just needs to be basic to block out the elements. When you go to build pens to help keep your animals together, you can use the landscape to your advantage. If you have cliff faces or rocky walls you can sometimes build only two fences instead of 4. This will not only cut down on time and supplies but will give you an extremely solid building structure for your animal pen.

    If you are roughing it and just trying to get the basic setup you would be surprised how effective just a basic fence can be. Basic fences can be made out of virtually any kind of lumber or metal found lying around. All you need is a post and then cross-connect wire rope or any other type of substance from one place to the next. Simply repeat this step until you reach the point you started.
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    This is great information. Thank you so much. I have 8 pheasants that I am raising right now to release and your pen photos was of great help. I was advised to build a chicken tractor, but I wanted something more permanent that can be used in the future for other things. The photo above seems simple but secure. It will be a great encloser for any small animals we decide to raise. Can you give me more info on the first picture. I can figure out the framing, but what did you use for the "walls and roof"? Is it just wire that you brought from one end to another? How did you attach it to the frame? Thanks again!
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