How to Conserve Water

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    In any survival situation, conservation is key. Conserving food is essential. Conserving water is also equally as essential. There are many different ways that water can be conserved. First is by how you cook with it. In the past if you are going to boil pasta you may feel your pot three-quarters of the way up to boil a box of macaroni noodles. This has to change all you need is enough water to cover the top of the noodles and boil them for a few minutes before the water is absorbed. This will cut back drastically on water. Also, when it comes to washing your hands, you can make a hand washing station with water that can be reused each day.
    When it comes to drinking water, the average person can live on the bare minimum of 32 ounces of water a day. When you are in short supply of water, it is best to cut back on activities that cause you to perspire. This will help your body maintain a lower level required of water. When washing utensils and dishes such as dinner plates, you can use your hand washing water to clean your plates. At the end of the day that water can then be used to water a plant instead of being frivolously tossed away. We take for granted having clean water to turn on while people in other countries know that having a clean water supply to drink from is becoming an increasingly harder problem around the world for people to maintain. With droughts, plaguing places around the world water conservation should be a topic that everyone familiarizes themselves with and one that everyone should practice before it is a matter of life and death.
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