How to find dry wood in the snow

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    So many think that fire in the snow is impossible.You may become confused and ask yourself how do I find dry wood in all this snow? There are a few tips that can help you to gather with supplies you need to have a toasty warm fire. Many twigs or fallen branches are propped up off the ground and can easily be broken off and carried in handfuls and set in piles and are usually dry because they were off the ground. If you need good fluff to help start a fire and everything is wet birds nests and bark fibers work great. If you're looking for dry wood to burn look at the bottom of piles of wood because the wood above it is most likely piled with snow and protecting the wood on the bottom. Look in the mouth of caves where dead trees and branches may have rolled down as well as under big canopy like areas where the snow is lower to the ground everywhere else. When going to start your fire, it is very important to clear all snow and wet materials on the ground for when you start your fire, so it does not melt the surrounding wet material and put out your fire.
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    Snow will make the wood cold but not wet!
    it is only when snow melts that it makes the wood wet!
    Get in early before the heat of the day and knock the snow off!
    For a quick fire build a small stick platform and build fire on that!
    If in a usually damp/wet area dry sticks over hot coals of your last fire and carry to start the next!
    Along our northeastern seaboard forest turns to jungle and everything is always too wet to burn without several hours drying over a fire
    So we carry enough dried wood to get a fire going and dry more stuff to keep it going, this actually consumes most of the heat energy available
    so a really good fire is needed!
    In the wet tropical we look for fresh lightning strikes as a direct strike on a decent tree will have splintered the tree core and the standing
    core wood makes good firewood even if it is wet!
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