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    In survival situations create electricity to use may not be as easy as one might think. You cannot just basically rub together two items and plug something into the static in between them. It's not quite that easy. When it comes to where to find the power, you will have to find alternate forms of it. You will need to find things such as generators and solar panels to give you electricity.

    Once you have located a generator, you will also need to have gas and oil in order to power it and maintain it properly. Without power gas pumps today will not do you any good. You will have to open a container of gas from the source and siphon it out yourself using any form of siphoning you can. Worst case scenario a bucket on a piece of rope. Once you've located the fuel source, it would be a great benefit to you if you can locate storage containers such as gas cans or drums that you can store fuel in instead of having to make trips.
    Solar panels are also a great find when they can be located. You will need additional equipment in order to utilize this form of electricity, but it is very efficient and long-lasting. If you are in a situation that calls for you to look for power nine times out of ten things, have gotten pretty bad everywhere. This means that some form of catastrophe be it natural or not has left humankind to fend for themselves. When looking for generators and solar panels you can find these on abandoned homes and garages and on abandoned farms. Beware though others may have the same thought as you.
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