How to Grow Your Food in a Shifting Climate

Discussion in 'Climate Change' started by Aneye4theshot, Jan 24, 2016.

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    Today all across the world more than ever before the environment is changing and climate shift is occurring. Whether it is at fault of man due to the careless industrialization of the world or if it is just part of the process of evolution climate change is inevitable. A climate change shift could occur rapidly and dramatically as well as drastically change the living environment and conditions in which people are used to. This could devastate the world's food sources and cause widespread hunger. There is no guaranteed or best way to prepare for this, however, having the ability to grow your own food in any climate will be a plus. Knowing as much as you can about hydroponics, aeroponics, and indoor gardening will be to your advantage.
    The outdoor conditions during the climate change may not be suitable for growing food at all. For this reason, if you have an indoor facility for growing your own food you will be better prepared than most. By planning ahead now and obtaining solar panels and backup generators you can have the energy you need to grow food during a climate shift. During the event of a climate change that occurs drastically many of the seeds that are available in that region will no longer grow in the outdoors environment like they used to. This will lead to a lot of chaotic panicking and bring out the worst in people. Should you be one that grows yourself, it is advisable do not let anyone else know about it. When food sources are not readily available people will go to unbelievable lengths to obtain what they need to survive. The systems to build basic hydroponics and aeroponics for use at home are not very expensive. With a little pre-planning you can have these systems ready and be growing your own food in no time at all.
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    If you need to supply your own sunlight or heat then any food grown will be very expensive !

    A friend who lives high in the mountains where it is too cold for half the year to grow much built his house with a flat concrete roof!
    He then glassed it over and made a ripper of a greenhouse up there, in winter the heat leakage from the living area of the house keeps
    the greenhouse nice and warm and now he grows all year round in a hybrid hydroponic sort of setup!
    His rooftop setup provides almost half his families veggies year round!
    He has a few deckchairs up there, very therapeutic just sitting up there relaxing.
    Been trying to get him into prepping but so far he just likes gardening up there!
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    greenhouses and polytunnels would seem to be the best, whether commercially purchased or home made.
    we grow a lot of stuff in raised beds, however post collapse some "guerrilla gardening" may be advantageous.
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    Yes, In my opinion container gardening with any household items can be a good way to go. Many people are adapting to that change. And for them it does work out. I have found that in shifting climates it can be lot different to have some food. So growing our own can be one option here. To some extent container gardens can solve this issue.
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