How To Load A Muzzle-Loading Gun.

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    Subjects not covered in these videos: 1) You can insert a vent quill in the vent when loading to keep the vent clear. Or you can use the pricker to clear the vent after loading. Neither is always necessary, but it can be a good precaution to take. IF the vent fills with gunpowder, it can slow the ignition time, as the powder in the vent has to burn through to the main charge rather than letting the flash from the pan ignite the main charge immediately. We are only talking a second or part of a second in ignition time delay.
    2) Smoothbores did not originally use a patched ball (neither did the very early rifles), instead they only used wads or wadding over the main charge & over the ball, just as is done when using shot.
    3) Paper cartridges can be used in all smoothbores, & they do make loading faster, even faster than using a loading block/bullet block/bullet board.
    More Muzzle-Loding information here on my blog if you are interested:
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