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    When it comes to mapping your course, there are two circumstances in which this is necessary. When traveling a long distance that you are not familiar with or when you are exploring a new territory and documenting it for later exploration. The first situation in which travel is involved is the most common and typical form of mapping a course. This will involve you picking your destination and your departure point. From these two points, you can then use one of the many apps available today to determine which route is the best for you. For example, if you're traveling by car you can determine which road you want to take whether it be highways, back roads, or interstates. Should you be traveling by foot hiking in the wilderness, there are hills to consider, rivers, lakes, and other natural formations that may be in the way of your path. By planning your destination on a map, you can be prepared for what lies ahead on the road for your journey.

    The other situation where you are mapping an area for later exploration is a longer process and very important as well. If you do not know an area, you can get a good view of it by climbing to a high point. Once you get to this high point you can make a drawing of what you see. Then by walking from one point to another point you may draw your path along the way as you go. Short breaks every 15 or 20 minutes will allow for you to write down natural landmarks that you have seen as well as things that would stand out to mark your path. Mapping your course can be easy and fun. One of the only tools you will need to help essentially you with a map is a compass. If you do not have a compass, there are other methods you can use to determine your location on the globe. Things such as where the sunrises and sunsets, as well as constellations in the night sky, can help you to determine your geographical location whether it be north, south, east, or west.
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