How To Prepare Food in the Wild

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    Steaming your food with bamboo sounds bizarre but it is absolutely possible. A segment of bamboo is set diagonally above a fire and is punctured between the joints so it can ventilate.Next water is filled in the lowest bamboo segment or culm. Food is placed in the top culm which is steaming due to the water boiling from the culm below.Food can also be cooked on a wooden plank set over the fire just wrap your food in wet tropical like leaves if possible.Another way is placing food on a heated rock in or next to a fire. If you have a sum of meat and want to preserve or cook it, a smoker is a little work but pays off in the long run.The first step you need to take is to dig a hole that's three feet deep and about two and a half feet to three feet wide at the bottom and widen the sides of the hole so you can add more meat while using a smaller fire.

    Now you need to make grates for the pieces of meat.Two grates are needed one smaller and one bigger for the top and bottom.The smaller grate sits about a foot and a half over the fire while the larger one sits about nine inches over the fire.This double-grate system will allow you to smoke more meat while hanging longer pieces above. Light your fire and let it burn until most of the wood is glowing red.To get the smoke going add green twigs, leaves, and other moist materials.The goal is to let the warm smoke cook and cure the meat over time. Add the grates of meat after you've established a good smoking fire and trap most of the smoke while keeping enough oxygen for the process.Thinly sliced meats that have been smoked for twenty-four hours will be edible for up to a week. If you smoke meat for a full forty-eight hours, it should not spoil for up to two to three weeks.Hopefully, you are rescued before then and can prepare better for next time.
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    Easy stove made by swiss army log cut 3 or 4notches into end. Open it a bit place fire in hole set pot on top great little stove
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