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    Hello everyone,

    I do not know about the rest of you, but I use to spend $20 dollars or more a day, on eating out at restaurants. 5 days a week and that's $100 dollars a week, or $400 dollars a month, or more. To spend $400 dollars a month in Canada anyway, you need to earn $800 dollars.

    Half your pay check, gets taken right away, by the government. For government programs that don't last very long (unemployment insurance) or are hard to get on, or not enough, to live on. It only gets worst and worst, as time goes by. They take more, and offer less, in return.

    So buying a really good thermos bottle or two, to hold some lunch, and supper in, if need be, can save you lots of $$$ money $$$ in the long run.

    Eat one day a week this way and you save $80 dollars a month or more.
    Eat two days a week this way and you save $160 dollars a month or more.
    Etc up to 5 days a week and save $400 dollars a month or more.

    What's this in years and decades.

    So you can see a really good thermos bottle is not a expend, but a investment. One of the best investments you can make that pays for itself in maybe less than a month and you start getting a return on your investment in a really big way and right away.

    Preheat the thermos bottle in the mourning with hot water from the tap. Heat up the leftover food from yesterday and put it into the thermos bottle. Should stay warm all day this way. You are really helping the environment too, and helping the electrical grid, at the same time. Oh yea, helping your own pocket book to. Everybody wins.

    To be young again. Oh well.

    One more thing that can save you even more money, and just as fast. If you have lots of teenagers especially. You need to remind people like your spouse and teenagers to do this repeatedly, and maybe reward them for doing this. The carrot and the stick approach. Some extra money for them.

    Buy power bars that have a lighted on/off switch. To make it easy to see when the power bar is on or off.

    Many women and teenagers use curling irons and hair dryers and such. I have noticed they like to leave these heavy power using devices turned on the low power setting. Which still uses huge amounts of power. Maybe 400 or 500 watts of power each still on the low power setting.

    So 2 of them use 800 to 1000 watts of power just sitting there. All day, every day, 365 days a year.

    What they need to do is, keep them turned on the low power or warm setting, but turn off the power bar, so the lighted switch is off. When they get up in the mourning, they can turn it on, just before they have a shower. When, they come out of the shower, it will be warmed up for them. Then, they can turn it on full power, for usage.

    After they are done using the hair dryer, or whatever, they can set it to low power, as they usually do, and turn off the light (power) switch, on the power bar, to have it turned off. So no power usage.

    You should see a huge decrease in your power usage, and hence power bill, by the end of the month.

    Sometimes power meter readers (employees) just (average) your power reading for your bill. Make sure they are not doing this. Call then yourself and ask. Complain to other people, your neighbors, to your local newspapers(s). Ask, how to check for power usage yourself, using there power meter. Better yet, have the local newspaper(s) demand a answer for the paper, explaining how to do this for everyone to know. It's in writing then.

    If you have a older meter where a disk spins. Check before hand. It should spin much slower after doing this for at lease 23 out of 24 hours a day. 365 days a year.

    Hope this helps. Really good return on investments, if you look at it that way.

    Laptops use less power then desktops. Probably cheaper to keep laptops on all night then desktops for downloads off the internet. Probably save enough every year or two, to buy new laptops for everyone this way. Cheaper anyway if something must stay on, all the time. With a external hard drive if needed.

    George Collins
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