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    If you are looking for different ways to store power then perhaps you are thinking ahead about a survival situation. This is a great preparation. Power is not a necessity it is a luxury. There are only a few people who require power to live. Diabetic patients must keep insulin refrigerated, and there are others that require the assistance of electricity to stay alive. If you have to have power for one of these situations, it is important to plan ahead, or you may meet your demise ahead of schedule due to your lack of planning.If you have the generator and even a backup generator which is a great plan you will also need to make sure you have the fuel necessary to power these generators. Storing fuel is in an essence storing power. When fuel storage is something you are considering, then large 50 and 100-gallon drums are the best methods to store fuel in bulk.
    If you are planning on using solar power as your source of backup electricity, you will to make sure you have extra batteries on hand. The batteries needed are the ones in which solar power will transfer to and be stored in so that you may utilize later. You can learn about this process by looking at basic RV living.Preparation now will be important in the future. There is no such thing as being too prepared when the time comes. Understanding your environment and knowing what you need to survive is something that many people take for granted. Those who take the time to get the supplies needed now why they are available and easily accessible will have a much easier form of life and a higher chance of survival and times that call for survival techniques.
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    There are some ways to make makeshift batteries, but unless one finds the proper elements and solutes for it, they are really inefficient compared to, say, a Tesla battery. Sure Tesla batteries are expensive but at least they won't likely blow on your face.

    A makeshift battery is more useful when you need low amounts of amperes. All you need to do is get a hard-to-oxidise vessel (e.g. plastic cup) and an acidic solution (e.g. lemon juice, coke, or sanitation acids), an aluminum can , a small copper sheet and copper wires.
    We cut out a small aluminum sheet from the can and place it at the side of the vessel, we do the same with the copper sheet, (the two have to be across from each other, not overlapping or side by side). The sheets are now the anodes and cathodes of the battery, and it's duration depends on the acid used.
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