How To Survive In The General Winderness?

Discussion in 'Wilderness' started by CamdenBC, May 14, 2017.

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    I have quite a bit of experience in being out in the wilderness and what to do, but there may be a few things that I don't know about so I would like to tell you what I know and ask about what you know.
    So the first rule of surviving in any condition is to know exactly where you are for instance studying a map of your area and trying to find places to go this will be very helpful to know because if you are not familiar with the area it is very likely that you will end up getting lost, and that is a very bad thing to do when you are in a survival situation, also if you get lost try make a few markers around the places that you go for instance you could leave a piece of cloth on the branch of a tree and use it for reference so you don't find yourself walking around in circles but also use it to find your way back to where you began. Now there are also a few items that you should always have with you at all times in order to survive right now I will list the essentials 1-A knife and piece of flint. 2-a compass and map. 3-a first aid kit. 4-a space blanket. These are what I consider essentials since you will have to have a means of retaining heat which the knife and flint can help with and the space blanket can either be used to cover up with and maintain a healthy temp. or to build a small shelter out of it.And obviously, you want to have the compass and map for navigating the area. Alright, so now that you've got all of that stuff you will want to prepare for if you get lost. The number one rule to think about when you get lost is to STOP
    s-sit down
    o-observe your surrounding
    p-prepare by collecting or gathering material
    During the situation of getting lost always consider that rule and follow it the worst thing that you could do when you are lost is to panic as this can send you into a spiral of downfall and make you nervous about everything that you are doing which in a survival situation can be very bad. And finally, you have to find a good source of clean water, build a shelter out of anything that you can find, and get food. Your main priority should be on water since the body can't go very long without it, but food, on the other hand, could wait for a while. Do you have any other helpful tips please let me know. Also this was mainly aimed for surviving in the woods.
  2. Keith H.

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    There is a heap of stuff I could talk about re surviving in the woods, but not right now. I am wondering why you suggest carrying a piece of flint but say nothing about the steel or tinderbox?
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    If you have been a boy scout then that can be considered a good background for survival in the woods unless you haven't joined camping trips. I remember my brother telling us about the orienteering lessons where they have to remember the direction in coming back to the camp. They were in grade school but those boys seemed to have learned a lot in terms of surviving in the woods. I also learned from those boy scouts that the first in the list when you are in the woods is the shelter where you can stay for safety. It's not the food that is the first priority but the shelter.
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