How To Tell if Food Has Gone Bad or Not

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    When it comes to survival and food, one of the worst things that you can do is to eat something that is not good. Knowing how to determine whether food is good or not is of vital importance for your health. Food poisoning during a survival situation can be extremely dangerous and cause things all the way from internal bleeding to the worst case scenario of death. You can avoid this by learning a few simple things about food. Food that is packaged will always have an expiration date on it. For the most part, these expiration dates are golden rules of do not eat past that point. The processed foods that contain these expiration dates are sometimes made months even years before their expiration date. For foods that do not have an expiration date, you will have to rely on things such as sight, smell, and in the worst case taste. Remember if something doesn't taste right, don't eat it. If something doesn't smell right, don't need it. If something doesn't look right, don't need it. Always trust these basic instincts no matter how hungry you are.
    Food that has gone bad will often show signs of discoloration and molds as well as have foul smells emanating from it. Then there is also the scenario of where you are stuck in the wild with other people and someone in the group has picked a bunch of berries to share with everyone. Knowing the difference between common poisonous vegetation in the area you live or are traveling in can be an extreme advantage in helping to know what do and what not to eat. If you are going on a short hiking or camping trip, you should always be sure to pack plenty of granola and nuts along with other things such as dried fruits for emergency backup foods. Should you be in a wilderness survival situation, these are also great foods that tend to outlast all others and will evidently show if they have reached their expiration.

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