I Dont Care About The Oscars Or What Happened In Hollywood...

Discussion in 'News, Current Events, and Politics' started by watcherchris, Mar 28, 2022.

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  1. watcherchris

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    Over and over tonight at work I kept hearing people talk about what happened at the Oscars in Hollywood...

    I need to get this off my chest ....my rant....

    "I dont care about what happened at the Oscars or in Hollywood."

    I am not dependent on what happens or does not happen in Hollywood for my thoughts or survival.

    I am just not interested ...in a Hollywood......"Non Standard."

    Too many Ishmaelites in Hollywood for me.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,

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  2. watcherchris

    watcherchris Legendary Survivalist

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    I will not waste my time watching the Oscars...

    Not my thing....I'd rather watch the grass grow.

    I can see it now....I am going to be insulted with this non news and non information for weeks and weeks at the check out stands..the pulp magazines..The Star...National Enquirer...et al...Hollywood...overload....no thanks...not for me.

    "Help me Mr. Wizard......Help Meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!"

    My non Ishmaelite .o2.....again.

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  3. lonewolf

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    I dont watch the Oscars but I saw clips of it on the news, I think Will Smith was right in his actions and should not have apologised later, if you insult MY wife you would get slapped too.
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  4. arctic bill

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    I think that will smith should be declared person nongratas . no movies, no shows , no TV for one year. If you are in the public eye such as politicians, actors ect you accept that you will be made fun of , the only exemption should be children . If someone makes fun of you this does not give you the right to physical assault them. verdict banned for one years from all public and media events .
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  5. TexDanm

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    Hell I am more likely to watch something that he is in than I ever was before. I think he would have been within his rights to double up his fist and cold cock that asshole. If you make fun of a REAL man's wife you should expect to have your butt kicked and not just pussy slapped. I would have KOed that jerk. I don't think thqt even in LA-la land that you could find a jury that would convict him of assault. All it would take is one real man on the jury to hang the jury. I'm not sure that they would have much better luck with women.

    Maybe things are different in other places but in Texas making fun of a mans wife here will get your butt kicked EVERY TIME. I had a little friend that was 5'3" He took out a 6' 6" asshole over doing something like that. An unopened bottle of beer up side the head would drop Mike Tyson. He gathered in his lady and as they left there wasn't a word said to him and noboby went to check on the asshole on the floor. He told me that the lady was VERY appreciative. I don't care how big you are if you bad mouth a man's lady you are likely to get hurt bad.
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  6. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

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    However, men should take their fight "out back in the ally".

    Do that in the South and you might get an all expense paid trip up into the mountains. No worries about the return trip.

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  7. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

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    This post is in the realm of "hatred of Hollywood elitists". I'll try not to rant.

    Just read another article about Alec Baldwin and his shooting of his movie director "accidentally". Kill someone while drunk in your car and they call it "manslaughter".

    I'm gonna show how the life of that movie director could have been spared, should have been spared. What happened on that set was insanely gross negligence that led to the death of a human being.

    First a bit of background. If you already know all this stuff, then just just skip over it.

    Background info: Alec was the co-producer on this movie. On the day of the shooting, there was no armorer on the set as is required. Why? The armorer was only given a set number of days to work her job (what's that about :confused::mad:). Well that time ran out, yet they continued filming the movie. The armorer complained about this saying that this was dangerous. Duh! And, against regulations. She was reprimanded for complaining! :mad::mad::mad: Note also that OTHER crew members had complained about firearms safety. For example, on the set, they had already had an accidental rifle discharge of live ammunition. And on the grounds of where the movie was being filmed, there had been live-fire target practice with both handguns and rifles that were part of the filming of the movie. Me, I'm a shooter and love target practice and just some plain old plinking with .22 rifles and pistols -- BUT THIS SHOULD NEVER BE DONE ANYWHERE NEAR A MOVIE SET!!! There is unsafe and then there is gross negligence. Absolutely NO live ammunition should be on a movie set. The ONLY people armed should be trained/bonded security guards and them only!

    Background info concerning the fatal shooting on set: During a practice filming, firearms were used. The firearms used had chambers that would accept live ammunition, i.e. "lethal" ammunition. Where was the required armorer? Not on the set. The firearm Baldwin used was handed to him by his co-producer who had retrieved it from a table. The scene called for Baldwin's character to aim straight in the direction of the camera. The weapon was to be discharged using blanks. It was loaded with live ammo. Baldwin did not aim over the top of the camera and crew, he aimed directly at them and pulled the trigger. The director was killed and another person injured.

    Alec Baldwin has said that he didn't pull the trigger. :mad:

    Following safety rules would have spared the life of the director. Never point a weapon towards anything or anyone you do not intend to shoot = Safety 101. Were I an actor, I would have checked the weapon myself. It is burned into my brain to always know the condition of a firearm. If you go near firearms, this is what you do. If required to aim towards the camera, I would have aimed well over the camera. On the film, this would have looked the same as if I had aimed true-on. Another thing is that the camera could have been remotely controlled with no persons behind it. My body/brain is hard-wired NOT to point a weapon in an unsafe direction. It was the responsibility of the co-directors to make sure that all safety requirements were RIGIDLY enforced. This was on them, period.

    Were I a filming company owner or top executive in charge of safety, I would NEVER allow live cartridge-capable firearms on the set. Live ammo would be banned and any violation thereof would result in an employee's immediate dismissal.

    Sorry if I ranted too much, but this shooting on a movie set boils my blood. The female movie director who was killed had two small children and a husband. Though I don't like Hollywood, this has made me furious. I read that two new special prosecutors have been appointed (the original prosecutor has been removed; no, I don't know what is going on with that). Baldwin's lawyers made some snide remark about these new appointments ... how cute. When people are injured or killed due to gross negligence, justice must be served. Hollywood may have their elites, however they must be held to account for their evil neglect.

    Do blank-only firing firearms exist. YES, gimme a break! Here's an old west blank revolver:


    These are sold by the EMF Company. These are made in Italy and are reproductions of latter 1800s firearms. The Pietta company makes actual firearms that will fire live ammunition, but they also make firearms for movies that are incapable of firing live ammunition. The chambers are too short to permit a live cartridge from being inserted; plus, the cylinder cannot be removed and replaced by a cartridge-firing cylinder. On top of that, the chambers are milled to .380 diameter, i.e. not 45 Colt, nor .44, nor .44-40. One popular chambering for stage and screen blanks is .380 and the revolver below is chambered for that type of blank.

    Friends, this is the sort of safety that MUST be followed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Great Western II Blank Firing Revolvers"


    Blank ammo is readily available:



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