I Dont Care Two Hoots For The Oscars

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    Again...Just like the Golden Globe Awards....Hollywood is taking up too much time and space with the Oscars.

    In like manner so too is the MSM..taking up to much valuable time with the Oscars.

    Over the years of observing "Wildlife in it's natural habitat" I came to realize that there was a definite incestuous relationship between Hollywood, Washington DC and the MSM. They are all in on it for the purposes of properly/PC "Herding" of the American People.

    They have become valuable instruments for the body politic to make sure Americans do not think for themselves and only think along proper Politically Correct issues.

    And make no mistake ....this is a Politically Incestuous relationship and not an American way.

    Hollywood does not represent me...nor does the MSM....and both are obvious shills for the body politic and Washington DC.

    By the connection of these dots...I have realized over the years...that Washington DC does not represent me as well. They represent someone or some thing....but not the American People.

    This became clear to so many of Americans when we saw the reaction of both political parties to the November 2016 election results.

    That between Hollywood, the MSM, and the Washington DC reaction...there was a definite line in dots connected between all three in their reaction. It became predictable. That these groups believed that they were America...not the American People.

    And they have been working steadily to cause and manufacture pabulum and chaos ever since....division....just as did the Obama Administration....division and chaos ...to achieve power.
    This has not changed and can be seen ...once you know for what to look.....

    Hollywood...the Oscars, The MSM , and Washington DC do not represent me as an American.

    They are functioning as a private kingdom or fiefdom ..to and towards "Herding" Americans and America in the direction they desire to go. And it is not an American direction.

    Oh...and in like manner ...I resent the implication....that somehow California too is a default setting for all of America. What California does ..the rest of America is under obligation to follow. And so too with Hollywood...the Oscars..and or the Golden Globes.

    I am examining "Chaos Manufacturing " as a social and political tool...to
    "Herd " people without their catching on to what is happening to them.
    Chaos Manufacturing combined with the Blame Game...

    My non Ishmaelite .02,
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