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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Requests' started by ziskasun, Jun 15, 2016.

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  1. ziskasun

    ziskasun New Member

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    Hello! I'd really like to see a section with how to videos. Do you have a really good off-grid watering system? Did you build an awesome solar panel? I would love to see some of these types of videos here . Sometimes it's easier to get the idea of how something works and actually see it in action on a video. It also might just be nice to see some faces of others in the community.
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  2. willywonka

    willywonka Member

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    Hi ziskasun! I think that there are so many how-to sites that the best for this forum would be to aggregate the links and start up a thread on how to do thing. So far I have been watching links on how to make a solar powered AC for my small room and stuff like that. It is pretty interesting stuff, but it would only work with the modern conveniences of electricity! I am trying to learn how to harness and store electricity on my own.
  3. judyd1

    judyd1 New Member

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    I also would like to see a lot of how-to's. Not just videos, although they would be interesting. But maybe short how-to (recipes?) for all kinds of survival skills. How to skin a rabbit. How to catch and kill a chicken or other bird--although that would be entertaining in a video, too. (snicker)

    How to build a trap. How to lay a good trot line. How to make a leanto shelter. How to catch fish with a sharpened stick.

    Nope. You're right. All of those are great video material.
  4. hades_leae

    hades_leae Active Member

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    This is actually a great idea because anyone who is interested in anything that has to do with survival can come to the forum and learn by video tutorials as well, that's a perfect idea for a forum like this.

    I would definitely love to come here and see footage of survival stuff, that would eliminate the need for me to go and do 5 or 10 searches for something so specific to My Survival Forum.
  5. Danny Luke

    Danny Luke New Member

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    I'm quite surprised that there isn't a video section in this forum. Although it's possible to share links to videos in individual forum threads, I think it would be great if there's a section wherein there's nothing but videos about survival. That way, members who would rather watch videos than read long tutorials have a place to hang out. Furthermore, it would be great if videos from popular video-sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo can be directly embedded in forum posts.
  6. Tom Williams

    Tom Williams Moderator Staff Member

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    Lol im sorry im not able to get photos and videos to load as im techno stupid keith has many and ned has alot check them out on youtube if you can
  7. rootle

    rootle New Member

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    Yeah it would be pretty great if there was a section filled with instructional videos and tutorials. Recipes for cooking as well as methods of obtaining water as well. It'd be extremely convenient if you were in a terrible situation and you could come to this website knowing you'd find some sort of solution here.
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