Immigrants And Disaster Preparedness

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    Good morning all,

    Per ...

    The lead picture of the Denmark Al Basra grocery stall section is cleaner and can guess, safer than places in Basra, Iraq.

    Note "Kellogg's cornflakes ... edible gold".

    Note: "...when you're accustomed to instability, ... psychological state that doesn't leave you".

    Note: "self-isolating to avoid dangers".

    Note: "having an exit plan".

    I am a civilian volunteer of the Second Intifada (other side). The Diem economic reforms in China had business visas lasting only 4 years and had to renew outside China. A couple of us did volunteer work in Israel at working medical logistics at the depots. It has got to be the world's state of the art medical log program.

    Note: "coping mechanisms".

    Note: "a scarcity mindset".

    I believe the expression "lack of access to disposable income" means not enough money. Still, many of these immigrant families - and am not discounting their prior suffering - have better family support systems than many Americans.

    If Columbia is bad enough to leave - to the US - where could a similarly-situated refugee go to if the US displays problems ?

    Author Liana Ashajanien has a good article but her conclusion is wrong.
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