Interesting Video On Overnight Survival In The Bush

Discussion in 'Wilderness' started by Blitz, Dec 14, 2023.

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    Geez, a long link. Hope it works ok.

    I think I probably would have sought water before shelter. What's everyone's thoughts?

    I certainly wouldn't have drunk that water without filtering/boiling it first. Too high a risk of Bali belly.

    I also wouldn't be cutting the grass he found for bedding without long sleeves and gloves. Snakes love to hide in just about any vegetation.

    Never would have thought to use shoelace, even though it's so obvious. Good idea using a few grains of sand to aid with friction when trying to make a fire.

    I have to say, although overall a good informative video, he really shouldn't be walking around in shorts because of snakes. Also, when he was clearing the leaves away to make room for a shelter, if there was a snake in or under the leaf fall, he would have got a very nasty surprise.

    (Can't remember if I've already mentioned this so apologies if I have. My son trod barefoot on an Eastern Brown about a month or so ago taking the dogs to the beach for a run and swim. He was extremely lucky. When he trod on the snake, he said he automatically jumped back, and the snake struck on the calloused part of his foot. Very, very, lucky boy (or man now, I guess - still a boy to me), as the snake's fangs didn't penetrate. He said now he's much more careful and looks out for snakes as he walks. He didn't expect to come across one, as this incident occurred on a paved area leading to the beach - not in a bushy area. Just goes to show. You can never be too careful!)

    I never wear shorts or skirts or dresses on my own property when I go outside. 7 acres of "bush" they are freaking everywhere and can be really difficult to see. When I'm mowing or whipper snippering, I also always wear long sleeves and gloves. I also use protectors so the little bastards don't get startled and head up my trouser leg.
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