Is California's Goverment Fixing To Collapse

Discussion in 'News, Current Events, and Politics' started by poltiregist, Feb 29, 2020.

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  1. poltiregist

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    All federal funding to all sanctuary states and cities have now been shut off with the blessing of the U.S. court system . Usually these democrat run sanctuary locations are not self sufficient but rely on the tax payers of rural America to subsidize their fantasy life . California in particular with the mind set of these people and their state already teetering on collapse will be very vulnerable to fall into a Venezuela style collapse . Likely with them now at the mercy of Donald Trump he will do as he did North Korea and not be in any hurry to bail them out . Do you have any pity for them ?
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  2. Pragmatist

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    Good afternoon Poltiregist,

    No pity at all !

    It is not known to the State of California that poetic justice just might subpoena those in Sacramento and their racketeers in the nice California neighborhoods that prohibit new housing.

    Viva Team Trump !
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  3. TMT Tactical

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    No pity, no mercy. I have lived in California and these politicians have ruined the state. Let's see how well they do with the reduced tax income, because we know they will not be able to stop spending. Their voter base depends on all the "Free" stuff. Cut that off and the GOP will take back the state. These politicians will think they can tax their way out of the problems.
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  4. Richard Earley

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    Maybe all of the illegals will take a hint and head back home...Hey a guy can dream can't he??
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