Japan's International Relations For Post-covid Environment

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    Good morning all,

    I found this essay somewhat interesting because it's more about living in the past and not addressing the more important matters such as drastically low birth rates in Japan.

    Ref para 4, 1); That depends. If Japan gets involved in the new Hong Kong secession amendment to its Basic Law, Japan might learn of tensions in Okinawa.

    Reform the United Nations ?! Think of UNIFIL - United Nations Inter em Forces In Lebanon. The rest of their peace-keeping forces continued the mess.
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    I strongly confident Japan will remain exist as a sovereign nation within this century

    Strongly doubt they will involve.

    UN should be dissolve entirely.
  3. Pragmatist

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    Good morning Varuna,

    Sovereignty is not a synonym for viability. Even today, Brunei, Timor and Moldova are sovereigns.

    Japan's existential dangers are their low birth rates and living in a geographic environment that's now one of the world's "shatterbelts.

    We;ll see how Japan reacts to Hong Kong's amended Basic Law with the succession aspects. I also believe Japan will support Beijing just like the US will, less public pronouncements.

    The UN is, of course, the successor to the League of Nations. So far, the record is not that bright.
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