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Discussion in 'The Hangout' started by jakenaughton, Jan 23, 2017.

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    Hi! I'm a freelance producer with the New York Times Daily 360 Video Series, which features a different 360-degree video every day, from all over the world. These videos take the viewer inside a unique place, and let them look around and feel like they're there. You can see some of the videos we've done here:

    I'm interested in doing a piece about bunkers, and I'm looking for people who have one and are interested in potentially having me come film a piece about it. It's a really simple filming process (one tiny camera on a tiny tripod — no big film crews or anything like that). The whole idea is that the viewer can see the space and imagine what it's like to be inside of it. We could keep the location pretty general, and you wouldn't have to be in the piece at all if you don't want to.

    Interested? If so, send me a message or leave a reply! Or if you have any questions, let me know and I'll do my best to answer them. Thanks!
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    You are not going to find many bunker builders among survivalists. Building a bunker is a dynamite way of getting yourself killed. Armies have bunkers, however armies back their bunkers with artillery set back however many klicks. Most survivalists are without having incoming shells going over their heads to take out the enemy to their front and to their flanks. It's like a tank, a tank is a rolling coffin without support, without cover.

    If you are looking for wackos, look somewhere else. I understand that there are now some urban "survivalists" trying to come up with "safe rooms", bunkers, and such.

    Radiation bunkers are a whole other matter. Boring video it would make. One only goes to such things to ride out the "hot" days after a ground burst. My high school rifle team had our shooting range in a fallout shelter. The wrestling team used it as did the weight-lifters. I got headaches from breathing the lead from our rounds going down-range and from digging the lead out of the sand. The bullet wax coated my skin. But I sure learned a lot of self-discipline and body-discipline during those years. It was as close to Zen instruction as any poor kid was going to get. I survived that and far worse.
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    most preppers and survivalists wont have anything to do with "Journalists" or film makers, due to such pieces being produced to increase the producers ratings, stature and income and always showing preppers as "crazies" and "paranoid" . I have been on many forums where such attempts have been made and every single one has been rebuffed, I suggest you look up the meaning of OPSec aka OPerational SECurity.
    I wouldn't waste your time here.
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