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    Good afternoon all,

    Per ...

    Article mentions "prepperism".

    I challenge "mainstream prepper culture is inherently isolationist". In general, one should not generalize. Sometimes the culture is and sometimes not. I give out Ziploc brand and Hefty brand bags with blank pamphlets for medical records to selected individuals, frequently new mothers with loads of baby records. I am not an isolationist.

    Less a few areas next to the Mississippi River, isn't Iowa somewhat flat ?

    I've sampled some MREs when overseas as a NATO contractor - would NEVER touch them here in an emergency shelter - ... tried "pound cake-vanilla". thought it was a piece of bread soaked in Mario Andretti's STP oil additive.

    Not familiar with "chocolately 'survival mole'".

    Wakka Instant coffee probably good to clean the hinge and rivets on the 3 piece mess kit.

    The bees' problem is excessive ag fertilizer use.

    Prepperism is NOT expensive ! The public sector rescues and mass medical care are what's expensive.

    After Claire gets rabies from a bat or stray dog, she might feel better and visualize developing a new community.
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