Likely Places to Find Refuge

Discussion in 'The Apocalypse' started by Aneye4theshot, Jan 25, 2016.

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    When it comes to finding refuge during an apocalypse or not going to be very many places one can go that are going to provide safety, shelter and the necessities. You will do best to have a bunch of supplies and look for places like abandoned mines, missile silos, and underground government facilities. During an apocalypse people will not be the same. They will most likely I'll be looking for refuge but when it comes to natural precious resources such as food and water you can expect greed to overpower many during this time. It is advisable that if you secure a facility that has these items on hand or you have already made the plans and created one of these facilities yourself that you keep it between you and a select group of individuals. This is one of those times when stain to yourself approved to be a benefit in comparison to being the center of attention and a crowd. Learning to camouflage yourself in an essence will be essential to your survival. When looking for natural resources during an apocalyptic time perhaps follow and wildlife characteristics and traits such as where they are going to watering holes in for food sources might give you the extra added advantage of survival. Deep caves located in the mountains, caves located in the desert, large underground private facilities, and military bases will provide the best options for refuge during the time when you may need it the most. Many of these places will already have supplies on hand. However be ready for disappointment if you're not the first one to arrive.
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    You will be stripped of anything useful and lowered to the mass's state
    A slave without a master!
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    scout out places to hunker down BEFORE SHTF, not after!!!!
    so many people on these forums seem to be REACTIVE rather than PROACTIVE, in other words they will only do something AFTER an event has happened, no planning, no thinking, just wait for something to happen then act.
    that's not prepping its being a sheeple.
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    NO ONE is going to provide you with food.
    NO ONE is going to provide you with water.
    NO ONE is going to provide you with shelter.
    NO ONE is going to provide you with security.
    if you want these things you will have to provide them for yourself, no one is going to provide them for free, there will always be an ulterior motive, if you want to be someone's chattel or slave then carry on! otherwise start preparing NOW!!
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