Magnitude 7.5 Earthquake Off Alaska Poses No Tsunami Risk To Hawaii

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    "A major earthquake off the coast of Alaska does not pose a tsunami threat to Hawaii, officials said late this morning.

    At about 10:55 a.m. Hawaii time, a quake with a magnitude of 7.5 struck about 58 miles southeast of Sand Point, Alaska and about 573 miles southwest of Anchorage, at a depth of about 25 miles.

    “A tsunami threat exists for parts of the Pacific located closer to the earthquake. However, based on all available data, there is no tsunami threat to Hawaii,” scientists at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center on Oahu said.

    The Associated Press reports that a vast swath of communities parts along the Alaska Peninsula are under a tsunami warning.

    The Alaska Earthquake Center said the quake was widely felt in communities along the southern coast, including Sand Point, Chignik, Unalaska and the Kenai Peninsula. The Alaska Earthquake Center said a magnitude 5.2 aftershock was reported 11 minutes later, centered roughly in the same area.",-2726.71875&listOnlyShown=true&timeZone=utc
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    Pretty sparsely populated area and most of the communities have a well protected harbour from that direction. It probably rattled a few tea cups. Thanks for the report, it got past me.
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