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Discussion in 'Other Advanced Survival Skills' started by watcherchris, Jan 23, 2021.

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    I am in the process of watching the clock as I type this out ....and am 22 minutes into a one hour session in making colloidal silver or put another way some liquid silver into four 4 oz. bottles.

    I use it to spray my throat daily ..take a teaspoon and also to spray the inside of my mask before putting it on.

    I have been in contact with someone in the family who tested positive for C19 and myself taken two tests for the virus and negative with both tests.

    I am taking daily vitamins C, D3, and zinc and also colloidal silver as described.

    I also keep three real American Silver dollars and a one ounce Canadian maple leaf in my Levi's coin pocket and three real American Silver dollars in the other pocket on my left side.

    Call it superstition if you like but silver is known to be anti bacterial and anti viral....

    I also have a machine which electrically makes distilled water though it is in storage currently and not hooked up. When it was hooked up I put a one ounce Pure Silver Canadian Maple Leaf coin in the distilled water holding tank. It is still in there though the machine is in storage. Seemed to me like a good idea....

    We shall see how this works out over the long run.

    I am not much of a social butterfly as are some people....more of a to speak....and not that many social contacts outside of family.

    But it does worry with my family as some of them are big big social butterfly types. I don't think in the big picture they have a clue...about their lifestyles.

    Like is up to others to make adjustments to and for maintenance.

    Put another way..this lockdown has not yet drastically altered my lifestyle as it has for some.

    Nonetheless...watching the clock and I'd better get back to it....on this colloidal silver I am making.

    Not an Ishmaelite.
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