Malaria in the jungle

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  1. Corzhens

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    During the second world war, the Japanese and the Americans fought in the jungle of the Philippines. Both sides were ravaged by malaria. According to one account, so many died that soldiers left the area from fear of being killed by malaria. The Americans on the other hand, have quinine for first aid but the stock was not enough hence they also had lots of casualties.

    In this modern era, we are forgetting the ferocity of malaria since other mosquito-born diseases are more prevalent like dengue and zika. But anyway, the jungle is not only reserved for predators that an injure and kill humans, there are also the silent killers called diseases.
  2. John Snort

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    If you are in the jungle and don't have quinine or other antimalarial medications then since neem trees grow in all frost free zones, you need to find a neem tree. The bark and leaves [so herbalists say] can be used to treat malaria [when they are boiled]. It can also be used to prevent malaria.

    To be even safer you need antimalarials because they can reduce the risk of infection by 90%.
  3. Bonzer

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    Quinine is made from the bark of Cinchona trees. So, if you can identify a Cinchona tree, you may be safe. Neem works as well, but may not be as effective as Cinchona. A Malaria parasite cannot be neutralized, it can only be subdued. When the Malaria parasite encounters unfavorable conditions, goes into hibernation and hides itself in human liver. People who contracted Malaria should use radical treatment to prevent relapse.
  4. remnant

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    Malaria remains a big threat in the Third World and it has more casualties than HIV/AIDS. Its recommendable that when one is going to a malaria infested zone that one undergoes prophylaxis to decrease the likelihood of contracting the same. This is usually a course of medicine to boost the immune system against malaria. The cinchona tree is also a good antidote against malaria.
  5. Harrysung

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    In my place before the advent of modern malaria drugs, people used herbs made from a tree locally called "dongoyaro" (neem) and it was very effective. In fact people that don't readily welcome western drugs as we call it, still use it.
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