Medical Clinic Preparedness Plans

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    Good morning all,

    Per ...

    The mentioned NYU generators in basement is now a famous (infamous ?) example of NYU's and other institutes of lower education grasp of knowledge.

    Note mention that outpatient health clinics have less of a safety net.

    With our nation's huge regulatory apparatus throughout our society, is it - or is it not - shocking to read the San Diego's EMS Director's "A classic example is a nursing home writes a hospital into their disaster plan and doesn't tell the hospital".


    "The modern barbarian ... looks at the highly complex modern society and takes it to be a natural object. People think that fruit appears in the grocery store the same way it grows on trees. The don't perceive the highly complex social network that makes it possible. Nor do they appreciate that network's fragility."

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    As I stated in some of my other posts --- The law requires them to have a "Plan" it does not require them to have a "Working Plan".
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