Mental Stability is Key to Urban Survival and Dealing With the Aftermath

Discussion in 'Urban Survival' started by Aneye4theshot, Jan 24, 2016.

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    When there is a natural disaster or a fallout scenario, they're usually ruins and the destruction of cities left behind. Cars are left in the middle of the street; people's personal possessions lying on the ground left behind and the remains of that day left due to a major impact to that environment. There is always a devastating feeling when looking at what was abandoned and destroyed in areas that have been affected by natural disasters, illnesses or fallout situations. An important thing to do is never to blame the situation on yourself. The destruction and abandonment of cities have happened all throughout history.
    Cities have been conquered and burned to the ground by other countries or neighboring states just to show power back in ancient times. Nowadays we cannot imagine how people who survived the destruction of their city dealt with their emotions. Perhaps they just survived, rebuilt and moved on. You might be able to focus on and relieve the stress knowing that you survived, and you can help rebuild as well as help people that are going through the same situation you are. The pivotal thing to remember is that what is done is done, and there is nothing you can do to change that. You have to keep a strong head so that you can survive.
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    True, if you're weak mentally, there's a possibility you'll have post traumatic syndrome and whatnot after you've experienced tragic disasters and it will be tougher to deal with the aftermath. I mean all of us are capable of mental breakdowns but it's really admirable if one is able to stay sane after going through some rough times.
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    You have to be calm enough to accept whatever it is that has just destroyed most of what you love about the area that you have come to know as home. You couldn't be more right. The people that will most likely not survive are those that are too out of touch with what is happening during a disaster. You have to be able to mentally move on and adjust to the situation at hand.
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    just be thankful your still alive.
  5. Lisa

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    You don't have to be ''weak mentally'' to suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome.

    I don't think anyone knows how they will react under these circumstances but generally humans are more adaptable than we think. Also there tends to be a sense of community ad togetherness between the survivors of these tragedies which I assume helps them to move forward.
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    I think being cool and collected will help you in almost any survival situation, especially one that's urban though. You can't be shaken by what happened to other people, or the city you loved. It is very necessary to keep a calm mental state, so you can focus on your own survival. Understandably, I think urban environment is probably the easiest to get shaken up in. Nothing like seeing places you once visited and loved torn to shreds. The thing is, if you do get shaken up, it becomes much harder for you to survive. You really wouldn't want to lose focus, and then end up in a building that collapses on you.
  7. Corzhens

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    There was this great earthquake that flattened Baguio City in 1990. That place is a tourist city and so many people were affected and the casualty was great since hotel buildings collapsed. Some of the survivors said that they kept their calm and prayed because aside from the debris of the building above them, there is a possibility that the debris will collapse on them. Adding to their woes are the sounds of humans crying for help. It was deafening at night since they cannot see anything but hearing those moanings and wailings. If not for their praying maybe they would have died of panic attack.

    Truly, presence of mind and focus is needed in times of survival mode because you have to think not only for yourself but also for your companions, if any. And the first impulse is to seek a safe place. And being under the rubbles means you are still in a crisis situation so you have to think well and concentrate.
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    I agree that mental stability is important. You have to be really optimistic to recover from something like this. If your not mentally stable you'll have a really difficult time trying to survive. There's no doubt going about overcoming this would be mind over matter.
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